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Sample Assignment on Harvard Referencing

Harvard Referencing Style

To start with, the word referencing is said to be one of the most important components of academic writing. This is because it acknowledges the best sources of information; one has used to complete the assignments. However, referencing is also important because it serves the following:

• It ensures that you will work transparently and are not open to any plagiarism when working on free assignment sample for students.

• Identifies the sources you have used and enables readers to locate them

• Acknowledges copyright and shows respect to the author for their work

• Demonstrates the validity or credibility of your arguments

• Demonstrates the extent to which you know the relevant literature

• Avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct

Please Note: Plagiarism means adding the words and ideas of others and using it as your work without acknowledging the real author, creator or even the source. This applies to almost everything available on the internet like images, music, experiments, websites and much more.

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Here, in this write-up, we will provide you with detailed information about Harvard referencing. Our amazing and easy-to-use guide will help to cite quite easy if followed accurately.

Let’s get started:

Selecting the Author Variations and Other Assignment Sample for Students

Harvard style Referencing is a professionally managed author-date referencing method. Also, it has two main elements, and they are:

  1. In-text citation: This refers to a partial reference of the source you will be citing your work-piece; this may include the surname of the author as well as the date of publication in parenthesis. For instance: (Brown 1992) the Reference List:   It is a list that contains complete bibliographic details of all the sources you have cited in the piece of your work. This is usually placed at the end of your write-up. You must consider assignment sample for students that the entries in the list must be arranged in agreement to the in-text referencing system.

What are In-text references?

The in-text references are the references that are written in the main body of the write-up. It is added to refer to a quote or even a paraphrase sometimes. They are quite shorter than the complete set of references added at the end of the write-up.

The students use this referencing system to indicate the specific parts of their paper that were quoted or added directly from the source itself.

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1) Identifying the Author Citation

i) In-Text Harvard Referencing for One Author

The last name of an author is added in this case along with the year of publishing in brackets when considering assignment sample for students. For Example:

The infatuation of the John with Reyna is generally revealed in the story. In simple words,- He turned to rush his emotions towards her (Green, 2007).

ü In case the name of the author used in the body of the write-up, then you must exclude adding it into the in-text citation.

ii) In-Text Harvard Referencing for Two or Three Authors

This method is used when a source tends to have two or even three authors. In this case, you must add both the names in the order, in which they can appear on the source alphabetically. For Example:

•     A wide range of values can help you to express your emotions, too. Also, the drawing may carry an extensive charge of emotions. (Brown, Smith and Wesley, 2004)

iii) In-Text Harvard Referencing for Four or More Authors

Always use this type of citation for listing the name of the author, followed by “et al” along with the publishing year. For Example:

•     This can be said that Knowledge has various stages of development and growth, which helps to predict the response of a human towards the present illness or even the threat of future illness, (Saltzman et al, 2009)

2) Identifying the reference type: Reference Listing

Reference listing is a complete list of all the sources you have used to create a piece of write-up. However, this list includes various elements like author details, date of publication, the source of the title and much more.

A Harvard list must have the following aspects:

• Reference listing must be added on a separate sheet, generally at the end of the document.

• It must be organized alphabetically. Also, if there is no author, then it is ordered by the title of the source, excluding the articles that contain: a, an and the in the titles.

• Furthermore, if there are a number of works done by the same author, then these must be ordered according to the date. In case the work is completed in the same year- then they are ordered alphabetically according to the title of the source.

• The text must be double-spaced; there should be a complete, blank line between each line of the text included.

• The list must contain a complete reference for all the in-text reference you have added in the topic.

Remember that a Reference listing of Bibliography when considering assignment sample for students generally refers to a list that contains the sources used in creating a publication along with any other sources you as an author consider might be of interest to your users.

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