MBA 7002 Strategic Management Assignment Answers for MBA Students

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MBA 7002 Strategic Management Assignment

Word limit: 3000 words

Weighting of assessment: 50% total marks

Learning Outcomes Covered

  • Acquire skills in identifying opportunities through internal and external analysis
  • Critically assess and value bases of growth and sustainability of business organizations
  • Acquire skills in interpreting and making sound managerial decisions.


  • This is an Individual Assignment
  • You are required to produce an academic/research document maximum 3000 words.


Opportunities never cease for entrepreneurs with strategic minds

Great entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson believes that greater the volatility in the external environment, greater are the opportunities the firm can capture. Real opportunities are not mere “Chances”, but what the changing socio economic, political, and technological environments create and offer for the entrepreneur to revolutionize the organization. The pillars of growth and sustainability are Strategic capability, Competitive Advantage(s), and Superior Customer Service. (Example – “Facebook” of Mark Zuckerberg). Some argue that a fourth pillar too should be added. This pillar is the “Triple Bottom Line”, where the purpose of the organization go beyond private profits and embrace the people and planet factors.


  1. Identify an entrepreneur (Name) who captured a great opportunity and critically evaluate the opportunity he/she captured. Critically analyse the organization’s strategic capability and the competitive advantage(s).
  2. Critically review the following statement, “Strategic capability, competitive advantage(s), and superior customer service as pillars of growth and sustainability are out-of-date concepts. Commitment to the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ is the all-encompassing strategy for growth and sustainability.”
  3. Globalization and regionalization have promoted the following business strategies: Outsourcing, Networking, Merging, and Acquisitions. Often these strategies lead to the need of partnering with different cultures. Critically analyse how the adverse effects of cultural differences due to partnering can be managed.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be used when marking your Assignment:

  1. Correct selection of the entrepreneur, and critical evaluation of the opportunity he/has captured. The organizational strategic capability and competitive advantage(s) explained (30%)
  2. The critical review of the statement in Task 2 is rational, demonstrates that the candidate has a sound knowledge about the concepts(30%)
  3. Excellent and logical critical analysis of how the adverse effects of cultural differences are managed.(25%)
  4. Extent and relevance of references and conformity to Harvard systems of citations (15%)

Marking Scheme

1 25-30

Excellent identification of entrepreneur and opportunity, and explanation of firm’s capability and competitive advantage(s)


Very good identification of entrepreneur and opportunity, and explanation of firm’s capability and competitive advantage(s)


Fair identification of entrepreneur and opportunity, and explanation of firm’s capability and competitive advantage(s)

Less than 05

Failed to identify and explain

2. 25-30

Excellent critical review


Very good critical review


Fair review

Less than 05

Poor review

3 20-25

An excellent  logical analysis and measures to manage cultural differences given


Very good analysis and measures to manage cultural differences given


Fair analysis and measures provided

Less than 05

No or poor explanation

7 10-15

References are relevant, adequate. Conformity to Harvard citation is excellent


References are relevant, moderate, and conformity to Harvard citation is good


References are irrelevant, inadequate.Conformity to Harvard citation is poor

Less than 03

No or irrelevant, references, not conforming to Harvard citations


Very important

You must use Harvard Referencing system throughout your work. Correct in-text referencing is required and a full and correct reference list needs to be provided. Please note for academic acceptance, it is important to refer to adequate sources in building critical arguments with regard to this assignment. Generally, the lecturer expects minimum of 20 latest sources from accepted recommended journals, required reading and recommended readings. For a list of required and recommended reading, please refer the “Module Specification” section of the student handbook.


  • Paper Size :                 A4
  • Word Count :             3000 words
  • Printing Margins :    LHS; RHS: 1 Inch
  • Binding Margin :      ½ Inch
  • Header and Footer: 1 Inch
  • Printing :                   Single Sided
  • Basic Font Size :      12
  • Font Style :               Arial/Times New Roman
  • Presentation :          Bound Document


Important Information for Students

  • A hard copy spiral bound document must be submitted to the postgraduate department and the softcopy of the assignment should be uploaded to ICBT SIS on or before the deadline. In addition to this the softcopy of the assignment should be uploaded to the TURNITIN via Cardiff Met Moodle. Students must upload the softcopy before the hardcopy submission. The submission of hardcopy and uploading of softcopy must take place on or before 04.30 pm on the submission day.

Please log on to to upload your assignment.

For TURNITIN submission please log on to  and submit through the Moodle.

  • Uploaded softcopy should be named as MBA-(subject number) (followed by the Cardiff met student ID.

E.g. for Delivering Successful Projects Assignment

MBA-7024 -2000000

  • Students are expected to keep a backup of all the assignments. ICBT and Cardiff Metropolitan University have all the right to re call for soft copy of any assignment at any time during the course.
  • Please note that plagiarism is treated as a serious offence and therefore the work you produce must be individual and original although may work in groups in some instances (Please refer to Student Handbook on Plagiarism & Cheating).
  • All sources of information must be referenced using “Harvard referencing” where a reference listing should be included at the end of the assignment.
  • Please note that the submission date given for this assignment is the final date that you can upload the assignment. No late submissions are allowed by the system. (Please refer to the Student Handbook on Assessments – Late Submissions).
  • Please refer to Student Handbook on Assignments – Re-submission, mitigating circumstances procedure.
  • Please include the assignment coversheet in your answer. Please avoid copying assignment question in your answer file.


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