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Acknowledgement Assignment Sample For College Assignment

Students studying to get their degree in reputed institutions need to complete college assignment. It is a part of their curriculum that can fetch them good grades. The grades obtained in the assignment is significant to enhance the overall grade. Therefore, students take good care to submit an assignment that can show their brilliance to the professors. While the assignment itself is in the spotlight, many forget about the acknowledgement section. For an impressive college assignment, an impactful acknowledge is necessary. The section is a bit tricky as many students get confused by thinking about how to write it. The article tries to shed light on the right format of the acknowledgement section that will help students convey their gratitude in flair.

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There is a specific concept to write assignment. You have to work on that particular format. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some factors that you should focus on while writing Sample assignment for Body structure.

Use your plan

First of all, you better use your concept map and work accordingly. It helps give you a direction to work on. First of all, you should be clear about the topic that should already be argued, explained and described. You can outline each and every idea for particular paragraph or topic. The main idea will become the main paragraph.

Academic Resources Samples

Tone and Form Of Acknowledgement Section

The acknowledgement page is mostly included at the end of the college assignment, thesis or dissertation. While writing the acknowledgement page, most students wonder about the tone of the piece. The acknowledgement page needs the professional tone, but informal than the actual assignment. It must convey the gratitude the students have for the people who helped to complete the assignment. Therefore, follow the instructions offered below to write an informal yet professional acknowledgement.

Academic Resources Samples

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Try to write the acknowledgement in a fluid paragraph or form a list with people.

Students need to address each person individually who have helped them to develop the assignment. It is acceptable to address the people personally as it touches the chord.

  • Naming one person before the other can sometimes make people uncomfortable. So, students can list the people helped in the alphabetical list. It will eliminate the feeling of emphasizing one person’s help over the other.
  • To get a clearer picture, students can refer to the example that shows how to address the acknowledgement.

Example 1: “I would like to thank Professor <Name>, Dr. <Name>, and <name3> provided me with valuable assistance.”

Example 2: “Advice given by <name1>, <name2> has been a great help in finishing the assignment.

Academic Resources Samples

Acknowledge Important Teachers First

Students need to first the most important person who helped them to complete the assignment. The acknowledgement must follow the first important person, the other members, supervising members, etc. While submitting the assignment, students need to express their gratitude for the professors directly involved with the assignment.

  • Students can offer the gratitude in a single sentence that mentions all the people.

Example: “I would like to thank <name1>, <name2>, and <name3> for the extraordinary support in completing the assignment.”

  • Students can also thank each person for the specific help offered by them. So, it will help them include the lab assistants or other people. Including the people whose contribution to the assignment directly helped shaped it will make the acknowledgement impressive. While listing several names, students can follow the example.

Example: “I would like to thank the following members of the faculty for their assistance with collection of the data:




Last But Not The Least

Save the more personal gratitude to people who mean to the students more on a personal level at the last. So, the last part of acknowledgement must contain the list of emotional supporters like parents, friends, partners or other people who have offered their unconditional support to the students.

The list must focus on the experiences that contributed to completing the assignment on time. It may also contain people whose motivation or help fueled the students towards completing their degree. But, remember certain points while writing the last part:

  • The students need not include their personal love declarations or mushy romances out from the page.
  • Maintain the informal tone but do not make it overly personal with jokes or other personal anecdotes. It is always careful to maintain some level of professional tone in the personal thank-you as it makes the acknowledgement section look dignified.

Gist of Acknowledgement Section

The acknowledge section must express a student’s appreciation in a curt manner. Students need to avoid strong emotive language while writing the section. It is better to keep the professional tone for an impressive section. To make it more clear, the students can offer their acknowledgement in the following order.

  • Main supervisor
  • Second supervisor
  • Other academic staff in the department
  • Technical or support staff in the department
  • Academic staff from other departments
  • Other institutions, organizations or companies
  • Past students
  • Family
  • Friends

Brief abstract is recommended. All the areas should be covered in body structure. Writing sample assignment for body structure needs research and time. This is the best way to write sample assignments so that a better writing piece gets written in organized manner.

Proof Read

It is important to proofread the acknowledgement section to avoid any errors or misspellings. It is weird to misspell the name or qualification of the integral person responsible for shaping the assignment. Mispronouncing the name can leave a bad impression on the professors. So, students need to spend some time checking for the errors. It will make the important piece of writing error-free and appealing.

Writing an in-depth assignment alone does not guarantee good impact. All the sections including the acknowledgement page need to be precise for making an impression. Therefore, the guidelines will help students come up with an acknowledgement section that offers the gratitude to the professors and others in style.

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