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6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

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How to avoid plagiarism in academic writing

Plagiarism is one of the biggest enemies of assignment writing work. Primarily plagiarism means copying or taking down the ideas from someone else’s writing. You always need to avoid any kind of plagiarism in your college or university assignment papers. Plagiarism can make a negative impression on your university faculties and thus they might give you low grades. For this reason you can always see the assignment help online service from the most reputed organization.

How to avoid plagiarism?

  • Always keep track on your resources and print the electronic sources: You can always keep a track of journal articles or books so that you can refer back easily to them. It is also important to keep track of all the electronic sources. If you save the PDF of a journal article, you need to make sure to out into a folder on the computer where you can easily find it.

  • Keep your sources in correct context: when you consult a source, always make sure in understanding the context of the source ideas. Also be careful in considering the context in which the source was written.

  • Plan Ahead: whenever you consult any website, login the web address in a separate file or document from the paper during writing. Thus, you will be able to return to the website. You also need to print all the relevant pages from the websites you are using. Always make sure that you note the correct and complete URL as well the date of printing the material. Since the electronic pages are not stable and the web pages can be deleted in a short while, try to direct your readers to the sources which have disappeared. Check what when was the website last updated and update the URLs as you start to work again right before submitting your essay.

  • Do not copy and paste, rather label and file your sources: Do not cut and paste the information from any electronic source directly into your essay and do not type verbatim sentences from any printed source right into your assignment/essay. Instead you can open another separate document on the computer for each and every source so that you can file the research information very carefully.

  • Keep your sources and own writing separately: You can work with either a printed copy of your source in a separate document. This precaution decreases the chances of plagiarism and also enables you in annotating your sources in different ways so that you can understand and utilize them most effectively in your assignment or essay.

  • Keep your drafts and notes separately: Always keep your research notes separately from your drafts at all the stages of writing. This ensures that you do not directly copy the source notes into your essay.

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