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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : Open
  • Word: 4500
  • Course Code: Badm 107
  • Course Title: Business Law
  • University: Acadia university
  • Country: CA


Lawrence Latte is the owner and operator of the Gotta Hava Java Coffee business and owns 12 coffee shops in Vancouver. Lawrence Latte has entered into a partnership agreement with the Two Cups Corp. which owns 8 coffee shops in Vancouver. Mary Mocha owns the Two Cups Corp. The two businesses have applied to the Grabb & Gouge Bank for a loan. You are the lawyer for the Grabb & Gouge Bank, and you have drafted the loan contract. Now you must set up the signature lines to ensure that the Bank can enforce the agreement against the parties in order to protect the Bank to the greatest extent possible. Show below how you would want the signature lines set up for the parties to be sure that you the parties bound to the agreement. (Do not show the signature line for the Bank. Just for the other parties.)

In witness where of this agreement has been duly executed by the parties hereto as of the 17th day of June, 2021. Signed and delivered in the presence of: , Barrister and Solicitor Signature of witness (Signature Lines Go Here) If there was a clause in the Loan Agreement which stated that the agreement would not be final and binding until the Grabb & Gouge Bank received satisfactory credit checks on Mary Mocha and Lawrence Latte, what would that clause be called? Property can be divided into two categories with one of the categories divided into two subcategories.

What are they, name and define the first category, name the second category, name the two sub-categories and give an example where indicate: Juan Valdez, a coffee producer in Mexico, does not want to ship the beans to Gotta Hava Java Coffee, until he is paid. Gotta Hava Java Coffee Corp. does not want to pay until the beans are shipped to it. How might the purchase price be paid so that both parties are protected? Pay by . If Juan Valdez’s business was unable to deliver the coffee because an event outside of his control, such as COVID 19 preventing the picking and roasting of the beans, it would be a good idea for you as his lawyer to have a clause in the contract which will suspend the contract and relieve him from performing until he is once again able to do so. What is that clause?

Lawrence Latte, owner of Gotta Hava Java Coffee, borrows money from the Pillage & Plunder Bank to buy coffee making equipment and tables and chairs to open his 13th coffee shop location. List three very important clauses the Bank would want in the agreement to ensure that it will be able take the equipment and table and chairs if the borrower defaults A term of a Coffee Supply Agreement which is stated or written is called an . Lawrence Latte requested that a clause be put into the Coffee Supply Agreement that the coffee beans he receives would be fit to drink. Through a computer glitch, the clause was deleted, and no one noticed. A large shipment sent to Gotta Hava Java was contaminated with pesticides. In such a situation the Judge hearing the case will probably state that it was a term that the beans would be fit to drink. Juan Valdez is in Mexico and Lawrence Latte is in Vancouver, making it difficult to get together to execute the contract. What clause might be inserted to get around this problem? . The following types of property belong to what category or sub-categories of property



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