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Conflict Management Assignment Help

What is Conflict Management?

Conflict management may be considered as a process of reducing negative aspects related to an industrial conflict while upgrading the positive aspects of the related war. The purpose of the conflict management is to increase learning and group outcomes that may include effectiveness or performance in an organizational structure.

 Five Conflict Resolution Strategies are:

  • Avoiding
  • Accommodating
  • Compromising
  • Competing
  • Collaborating

What is USDA? USDA may be defined as the United States Department of Agriculture.

What is Conflict Management Assignments?

To write on conflict management job, students present an elaborate statement related to the management of conflict that is to be investigated.

This comprises:

  • The research study of aim, and objectives and research questions to find what are the potential research objectives that are necessary and related questions that need to be addressed.
  • It relates the task for Justification and value addition of significant output of the related research project. This also replies about why is the project chosen are acceptable both theoretically and practically.

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The Potentiality and About the Outcomes of the Research Study

Conceptual structure to be taken into account of the conflict.

Ways and means in presenting secondary information: Based on the conceptual framework, research objectives etc., and an elaborate description on the issue it needs to be submitted as methodology. These should be including in data collection, resources of data and the process that has to be asked to analyse the data.

Organization to be studied, project budgeting and time schedule: A comprehensive Table of content need to be prepared to indicate chapters and different sections of the research report, and a brief discussion on the subject to be written in those chapters/sections followed by a short statement about the budget for conducting the study .It should include project schedule or Gantt Chart.

The conflict management is fundamentally an individual research study. It requires to be demonstrated about the understanding of the relevant objectives with a back ground of real business study. We, at our Assignmenttask.comexpect that you should study at least twenty recent journal articles displayed in our website similar to your topic. This contains supporting evidence or information that can benefit you to refine the issues of the problem of your research work effectively. This will also take care of formulation of conceptual framework. This will provide the methods of authentic data collection and analysis of the same. You may observe our detailed guidelines displaced in our website.

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Executive Summary/Overview for Conflict Management

All organization has some issues of conflict, more or less. It needs to resolve effectively and quickly. Otherwise conflicts may damage resources of the organization. Otherwise this may cost the organization in question millions of dollars to mitigate the same. Quick response is necessary on the following situations:

  • EEO related complaints,
  • Grievances,
  • Administrative appeals,
  • Litigation and other workplace and program conflicts.

Conflicts if remains, are managed, results lower productivity, insufficient employee loyalty and morale, as well as low customer satisfaction. Even USDA is not free from conflict.

USDA has taken an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is a program of significant steps toward addressing USDA conflict. They have initiated preparing a strong foundation to get rid of destructive conflict practice as soon as it occurs. So, by solving a battle as soon it appears and accepted by all parties .Its fairness and equitability benefit the company in maintaining good relationships, both in the workplace and the users personally.

The following are some example of ADR program that became successes in FY 2001:

  • More than 5,000 USDA employees were trained in ADR and in management of conflict.
  • More than 5,000 USDA employees benefitted by receiving services from an ADR program on the topic of workplace conflict.
  • 83.7% of all workplace conflicts that used any form of ADR at the early intervention stage (before a complaint or grievance was filed) were successfully resolved.
  • 79.3% of all workplace conflicts that used mediation at the early intervention stage were successfully resolved.
  • 82% of the 4,400 program conflicts handled by the USDA Certified State Mediation Program resulted in an agreement.
  • 67.1% of all formal EEO complaints that went through ADR were settled.
  • 54.5% of all informal EEO complaints that went through ADR were settled.

The following are some opportunities for USDA to receive greater benefit from the use of ADR and other collaborative processes:

Only 165 EEO conflicts were filed in FY 2001 (11%) went through ADR,

Apart from dispute related to agricultural loans, the use of ADR had resolve disputes between USDA and the recipients. Conflicts are of three type’s viz.:

  • loose loose
  • lose,
  • win-lose,
  • And win-win.

In lose-lose orientation tends towards negatively for all party those are involved. A win-lose direction contains one party to become, generally at the expense of the other. The win-win direction is the most essential concepts for the resolution of conflict—a win-win solution results by integrative type of bargaining. offers online conflict management assignment help service from professional experts to take care of your assignments.

Evolution of Conflict Management Assignment

Evolution of conflicts was originated by Blake and Mouton in 1964, and was the first to present a conceptual scheme, modes or style for solving interpersonal disputes which were of five types:

  • Forcing style
  • Withdrawing style
  • Smoothing style
  • Compromising style and
  • Problem-solving style.

During the periods 1970s and 1980s, researchers initiated applying the intentions of the parties who are involved in classifying various styles of management of conflict that included in their different models. Both Thomas (1976) and Pruitt (1983) developed models based on the conflicting parties. The combination of the parties' resolved the interests of their own and their concern for the interests produced a particular style of conflict. Pruitt called these styles as:

  • Problem-solving
  • High assertiveness,
  • Inaction,
  • Low assertiveness, and
  • Contending.

Pruitt argued that problem-solving style is the preferred method of conflict management.

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Type of Conflict Management Assignment

Expert Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), used by human resource department (HRD) professionals globally, there exist five significant categories of styles of conflict management like:

  • Collaborating,
  • Competing,
  • Avoiding,
  • Accommodating, and
  • Compromising.

It has been observed that opposing force created the conflict within the story and naturally comes in four basic categories like: Conflict with the self, others, with the environment and with the supernatural. Commonly, organizations face three types of conflict like:

  • General conflict,
  • Relationship conflict, and
  • Value conflict

Although communication done openly, as well as respect takes long term to solve the conflict and management of the same, such categories of conflict can also benefit out of focuss conflict resolution techniques.

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Conflict Management Case Study Assignment Writing Help


  • It maintaining an effective communication
  • It has definite planning, it helps to solve problems
  • Conflict management helps in achieving major goals
  • Maintaining a sound environment within the organization

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Conflict Management Assignment Help Services

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Conflict Management Assignment Writing Solution

According to the experts of the conflict management assignment writing solution that no hardcore technique and formula are there for resolving a conflict at a workplace. It is because the conflicts that arise can be widely different to each other. Therefore applying same strategy for different types of disputes and conflict will not be fair and can give horribly wrong result. In such a case conflict resolution strategy may be proved as disadvantageous.


According to the experts of the conflict management assignment help managing conflicts at the workplace increases the creativity and productivity

Strategies for managing conflicts at workplace: Writing an assignment on conflict management requires the thorough knowledge on the topic because the assignment should contain the strategies that are need to be managed the conflicts in the workplace


The most important strategy for managing conflicts in an organization that is considered is the accommodating strategy. Accommodating strategy is based idea of providing and looking after the needs of the people of the opposite side.


Many people in the workplace face bad behaviours from other co-employees and seniors and many of them just avoid such behaviours. The avoiding strategy has both advantage and disadvantage. In some cases, avoiding of such behaviour can avoid a big conflict but if the issue is persisting for a very long period without any confrontation, can become very harmful for the business.

Collaborating: experts of the such conflict management assignment help on collaborating strategy is consider as effective strategy for conflict resolution. It is because in this kind of solution all the parties agree on the common terms. It is very useful because it helps in maintaining peaceful and harmony in the office or works.

Compromising: Compromising strategy is a conflict management strategy in which all the parties involved in the conflict needs to sacrifice on some part of their position for creating or establishing a solution which is acceptable if not agreeable

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Conflict Management Assignment Service

There are some benefits and disadvantages of conflict management as follows:

Time: if you want to create & implement conflict management strategy you will have to devote lot of time to manage it. Conflict management is extremely time-consuming process and hence time is the biggest disadvantage of this kind of conflict management.

Productivity: In our conflict management assignment help service, we always prefer productivity as an advantage of conflict management. This is an advantage because the time which is utilized in developing a strategy is reduces the productivity but in the long run it adds up on to the productivity which saves your time.

Situations: Conflicts come in different shapes and therefore there is no exact method to recognize a conflict situation. By developing a single conflict management strategy, one can turn out to be a drawback. However, the development of multiple strategies can become an advantageous.

Creativity: Our experts state that in the long run we can achieve better level of creativity and productivity by executing correct and appropriate management strategies.

Conflict Management Strategies

knowledge and understanding about the conflict topic, then you should write and exhibit your conflict management assignment. To present an excellent conflict management assignment, you can get help from our conflict management assignment writers. In our assignment writing we take care five conflict management strategies as described below:

Accommodating: Our conflict management assignment help professionals state that accommodating strategy abides by the rules that serve the opposite side with their demands and desires.

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Pros and Cons of Accommodating Strategy are as Follows:

Pros: Accommodating strategy gives an opportunity to look at the situation from different angle. Accommodating strategy helps in safeguarding the interests which are important only.

Cons: Your confidence and you may be affected negatively while replying to an aggressive opponent.

Avoiding: It is advised by our conflict management assignment help experts .They have reported that avoiding strategy lays down the fights for an indefinite period, and people who wants to solve conflicts without confrontation adopt avoiding strategy get low position and lower respect.

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