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Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help

Financial statement analysis is the method of analyzing a company's financial statements for decision-making objectives. External stakeholders use it to know the overall health of an organization and evaluate financial performance and business value. Internal constituents use it as a monitoring tool for managing finances. The core job of an analyst is to execute a widespread analysis of financial statements. The analysts use several techniques used as part of financial statement analysis. Three of the essential methods include horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and ratio analysis. The types of analysis have to do with income statement analysis, balance sheet and leverage ratios, cash flow statement analysis, return and profitability analysis rates.

Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help

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What is Financial Statement Analysis?

Financial statement analysis is a process of analyzing a company's financial statements for decision-making progress. Usually, companies keep a record of financial data on every single aspect of the activities. In general, the financial statements are carried out to keep a record of the company's economic terms. This general practice of keeping the record of every expenditure and the investment made by the company is known by financial statement analysis. Companies follow this accounting process to meet with flexibility and have the option to attain several techniques that require the part of important techniques involved in the analysis proportions. Financial statements also create a balance sheet and income statements that monitor the operations of the business organization and provide a balanced interaction to create different views on the company's activities and performance. 

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Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help Service

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Types of Financial Statement Analysis

There are three major types of financial statement

(1) Balance sheet

(2) Income statements

(3) Cash flow statements

Balance sheet: A balance sheet is a sheet of the statements that are known for financial use, and those that contain the position of assets, libraries, and equity. In other words, a Balance sheet is considered as a financial statement that considers the financial position of the company. 

Income statements: Income statements are also known as profit and loss statements that reflect the net income or the net profit earned by the individual. In other words, the income statement is a statement of income, statement of profit, loss, and operations that indicates the period of a specified time. 

Cash flow statements: The cash flow statements tell about the report of a corporation's cash inflow and outflow. Also, this financial report is needed by the investors to prepare the method of accounting and financial needs. Hence, in other words, this is a statement that ensures the record of all the cash inflows and outflows taken by the company. is the best online Finance assignment help service provider worldwide at a very affordable price.

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Why Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help is Essential? 

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Important Concepts and Methods of Financial Statement Analysis

 Financial analysis is done to provide the complete information of the company's income flow in its balance sheet, income statement, and the state of stockholder's equity. Here is the list of the popular ratios used in the financial statement analysis-

(1) Profitability ratio = Gross Profit Net Sales

(2) Debt ratio = Total liabilities total assets

(3) Earnings per share = Net earnings per share

(4) Quick Liquidity ratio = (Currency Assets - Inventory) + Current liabilities

(5) Current liquidity ratio = Current Assets Current liabilities

(6) Profit Margin = Net profit Net sales

(7) Dividend cover = Earnings per share Dividend per share. 

These are some of the financial ratios that are used by the economic analyst to determine the economic condition of the company that relates the future investments and the current operations. 

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