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Assignment Introduction Sample

Writing assignments form a basic part of the academic curriculum. It could be for a journal or a thesis paper in specific formats. Most of the time students and academicians are required to roll out papers or assignments as apart of their stint. However, it is essential that you focus on the format recommended such that it makes more sense to the examiner or the proof-reader.

An assignment can be written in Harvard Style, APA format, Chicago style, MLA format, so on and so forth. Additionally, these styles differ in their written formats and referencing. Ensure that you stick to the guidelines such that it is proper, precise and perfect.

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Why is an introduction important?

A proper introduction sets the tone of the entire paper. it is often observed that the papers start off well to a point where the writer focuses on the jist alone. However, an introduction is not a summary and it should tread the path for more information which should follow. Isn’t that the basic purpose of the introduction?

Give a background. Make the objective more specific. Address the issues that you aim at providing a solution to. It has to be supported by facts and numbers which resonate with the reader. Your response or the premise has to be a built up for the entire thing that you aim at addressing. Be it an essay or just another journal article, it need not have a mystery associated with it. It is not a novel which should urge the reader to hang on until the end to find the details.

What does an introduction contain?

Every assignment should have a proper structure and a generic format which should be followed to keep the integrity of the subject alive. It is only natural that one would want to fixate on revealing too much in the introduction itself. However, that is not how an introduction is supposed to work.

A general assignment introduction needs to have the following segregation in the entire context.

  1. Introduction
  2. The content
  3. Your opinion or stand on the solution
  4. An overview or a conclusion to sum the whole thing up

When an introduction is concerned, do not start with generalising the context. If it is so general, the why would your opinion matter? You need to focus on providing some background regarding the problem at hand. Words such as ‘since’,’ as you might be aware’, and so on and so forth make the context lose value. That is something you want to avoid on principle.

How does it benefit the reader?

Your reader needs to connect with the problem and understand what you are trying to explain in the first place. The issue being addressed is important and means something to you. Don’t you think the reader should feel that way too?You should brief the reader but keep it to the point without beating around the bush. Avoid addressing passive sentences to make it more genuine and relatable.

You could introduce key terms or a definition that the reader should be aware of before going through the entire context. Set parameters and boundaries that would narrow it down. You are tempted to talk about something, but you don’t have to talk about everything in the introduction itself. Hence, the parameters need thoughtful comprehension such that it is coherent and doesn’t sound like a bunch of jargons which are thrown around casually.

Your stand on the assignment topic is what we are looking at. This is your answer, this is your premise, and this is what you feel about the whole scenario. If your opinion matters to you, it should be present in the introduction. You can jot down a couple of points that are relevant and explain your stand on the whole thing. Expressing that in a few sentences would allow the reader to understand what you are trying to convey as a solution.

Summing it up

Just like an entire article, your introduction needs to be close to the theme. Don’t go about on a poetic spree on the topic because that takes away the essence of the journal. Have logical links and make the sentences sing along. It is important that the following sentences support the preceding ones such that it could be linked to the topic. Have a conciseness. It needs to be clear.

  1. Ask yourself, why are you writing what you are writing?
  2. Does it focus at solving the problem you have?
  3. Does it answer your questions?
  4. Do you have complex terminology that needs to be addressed?

Having a certain clarity will help you move on from the generalization that one tends to stick to make a valid point. It needs to be catchy when it starts off. Write to the ones who are reading. Understand your audience and simplify it for them. The first sentences are always important and need to be thought out well.

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