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Assignment Report Writing Format & Structure Sample

An assignment report is penned down with a clear purpose on a certain topic. Information collected and analyzed for applying to an issue. The structure of the report includes different sections for addressing or locating the information in an easy way. This article revolves around the basic features of report writing that can enlighten the reader about the topic in a systematic way.

Ingredients of Writing a Good Report

The assignment help for students dwells on the important aspects that can create a well structured report. Following are the two objectives followed for report writing,

● To provide the researcher with an experience to develop essential skill utilized in the academic career.

● To evaluate the learning from the research or reading experience.

A well written assignment report is based on authentic data and information for drawing a conclusion to the problem. The information collected from past studies must be acknowledged thoroughly and the writing part needs to be 100% original. The report is the key to signify the researcher’s ability to acquire access and analyze relevant information related to a specific problem.

It also sheds light on presenting the report in a concise and consistent way following the guidelines of the given report brief. The researcher can enlighten him/herself with the motive of the research brief and work accordingly. The conclusion always supports the analysis and evidence of the research and effective recommendations are indicated further.

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Structure of the Report

A report must always include certain sections which are a title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, main body, conclusion and recommendation, references and appendices. Assignment help for students adds a list of symbols and abbreviations following the requirement are given by the instructor. Apart from this section, other parts must always be present in the report.

Title Page

This section needs to be as brief as possible devoid of any descriptive part. Containing the purpose of the title, other details of the page involves the researcher’s name, date and teacher/instructor’s name.

Terms of References

Go through the instruction before deciding on the terms of references and also contemplate on the purpose of the assignment. While making the draft for this section, pay attention to specific needs including why he report is being written, what it requires to be completed, when it is needed and who the target reader is.

Executive Summary

Assignment help for students is capable of writing a brief summary of the whole content and aims, actions and findings must be included here. Through the summary, the reader is introduced to the subject of the assignment and a poorly written summary can be a deal breaker. It should be helpful, clear and concise in nature.

Table of Contents

Every chapter and heading of the assignment is included in the table presented in a chart format. It is created for scanning the report at a glance and locating the key matters under one place. The table also contains page numbers for presenting a simple and informative paper.


From defining the topic to the problem statement, the introduction is the gateway for growing interest to read further among readers. Background of the research topic is mentioned in short and it is always the first chapter of the report.

Main Body

Assignment help for students pays extra attention to this section because it reflects on the achievements of the research experience. Procedures, related information, sources and problems are mentioned here. There is including a summary of the result involving graphs, tables and diagrams which support the collected data while executing the research.

The results section needs to be presented in a logical order and the next section is a discussion where the analysis of evidence and facts takes place. You may divide this part in with different sub sections for giving clarity on the subject. Do not forget to maintain a logical flow of the structure with sub headings and use bullets to highlight the key findings. When you are citing any past studies, always provide proper source references.

Conclusion and Recommendations

It is the last chapter of the writing content. Here, the researcher summarizes the results and mention the conclusion for indicating the effects. It should always refer to the issue and include a suggestion for future research studies.


The reference list includes the source of information acquired from reports, papers and books. Every report follows a specific referencing style and the list needs to follow the guidelines of the referencing style. Apart from the reference list, Assignment help for students is well aware of including bibliography which is essential for the background reading.


Listings, schemes and details and derivations of the content are included in the appendices. The data in the appendix is included at the end because during reading, it can be skipped. Of course, do not forget to refer to the appendices in your writing.

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