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Sample Assignment in APA Format

APA Referencing Style

Assignment is the key to evaluate students based on their knowledge and merit used by the teachers. Apart from penning down all the accurate information and data, it is important to maintain a proper formatting style. Moreover, the professor also designates a set of marks for maintaining the right format which includes referencing and citing. There are different types of formatting style and MLA, CMS and APA are only a few to name. Here, in this article, you can get all the information on how to write assignments following APA format.

What is APA Format?

American Psychological Association or APA is followed for citing sources in social sciences, education and psychology. Psychological Bulletin established the guidelines of APA style in 1929 and later the APA Publication Manual came to surface. The sample assignment help always pays heed to the guidelines of APA format because through it, the students and researchers can convey ideas and information in a well structured way.

Follow the Guidelines

Studying the guidelines and applying them with finesse, sample assignment help wishes to educate the students with the key points of further.

  • word in the paragraph must be ( 1 half-inch) indented
  • Running head on the top of every page
  • Paper (white) size: 8 ½ x 11”
  • 1 inch margin in sides, bottom and top
  • Times New Roman font recommend with the size being 12
  • Double space

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What are the Sections of APA Format?

Sample assignment help is well aware of the four main sections of the APA formatting and always follows the running header consisting of up to 50 characters where punctuation and spaces are included. The heading remains in the center in a plain font and the four sections are elaborated here.

Title Page

The title page is a pivotal section of the whole assignment and it involves the title, institutional affiliation and author’s name. Insert the title in lowercase and uppercase letters in the upper half of the first page. Here, the title of the paper must follow the center alignment.

Another important thing to preserve in mind is that the word count of the title should not exceed 12 words and the use of abbreviations needs to be kept at bay. The title of the paper should be concise and simple for informing the reader what the paper is about.


With the help of sample assignment help, one can submit a well written abstract which is the short summary of your assignment. Following the rule of APA format, the abstract cannot be more than 250 or 150 words. However, one should pay heed to the instructor’s guidelines about writing a well informative and brief abstract.

Containing the key factors of the research, the abstract introduces the teacher about the topic and the areas covered in the paper. If you have drawn any conclusion while doing the research, you can also include it. There may be a list of keywords listed in this page for helping the reader to understand your paper in a proper way. In addition to the context, the keywords will also help the future researchers to find your work in the database.

Main Body

The main body of the paper includes the entire writing part of the paper and it is divided into certain sections. Generally, a lab report has four major sections that sample assignment help follows. The writing section always begins with a structured introduction of the whole research and shedding light on the theoretical background of the research topic.

Then the method includes information on the research design, participants of the experiment and procedure followed here. Questionnaire or material presented to the participants need to be mentioned shortly and one can add them into Appendix at the end of the paper for not obstructing the flow.

The results section refers to the results collected from the research and a figure or a table can be added following the need of the paper. It is better to stick to the descriptive information in this section and the next section is the discussion where you will draw a conclusion by analyzing the data. And you have to add research limitation here.


This section in the paper involves all the used sources in the paper because citation of scholars can only make your research look authentic. Sample assignment help utilizes only current references that are valid for the topic. A researcher has to include all the cited references in the reference section for letting the reader know how deep the research has been conducted.

While making the reference list, keep the sources in alphabetical order and the reference list also needs to be double spaced. Any sources written under the reference list must be cited in the main body. Titles of the newspapers, magazines, journals and books are always kept in italics.

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