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Guide on Different Types of Citation Styles

A citation is a way of providing credit to individualities for their creative and intellectual workshop that you employed to support your exploration. It can also used to detect particular sources and combat plagiarism. Generally, a citation can include the author's name, date, the position of the publishing company, journal title, or DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

A citation writing style dictates the information necessary for a citation and how the information is ordered, punctuation, and formatting. Additionally, you can consider the referencing styles pdf to enhance your knowledge.

 How to Choose a Citation Style?

There are numerous different ways of citing sources from your exploration. The citation style or a referencing style occasionally depends on the academic discipline involved. For illustration

  • Education, Psychology use APA (American Psychological Association)
  • The Humanities use MLA (Modern Language Association) style
  • Chicago/ Turabian style is generally used by Business, History, and the Fine Trades

If you face any problem in citing the sources, you can consider the assignment writing help and guide. With its help, you come to know the format of assignment writing and different citation and referencing styles.

Complete Guide on Different Types of Citation Styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard)

Every college and university student wants to follow the referencing style in their assignment writing set by their professors. Here we provide a complete guide on citation styles, format and examples to students. Following is the list of some referencing styles explained by our team of professionals.


You may have queries in your mind like ‘why need the different citation styles for writing assignments?’ Different citation styles fulfil different academic purposes in the higher education system of students.
Get detailed information regarding the difference between APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago referencing style:

APA Citation Style:

APA or American Psychological Association representing Style is used in the exploration thesis in different fields, including nursing. One of the important features associated with the APA Citation style form of reference styling is that the textbook needs the double line distance as well as for the reference section.

  • The jotting Style deploys a parenthetical system where the reference textbook appears in the following format (,)
  • A comma (,) is placed after the publication time in case a runner number is mentioned posterior to it; For example (Holmes, 2003, p 40)
  • Citation writing format also allows the author's name to be written out of the type.
  • When you take the academic help from the assignment task of this referencing Style, you also ought to keep in mind that references are listed on a different runner by the end of the document.
  • The title indicating 'References Is handed to the list, settled at the centre and in the bold fountain.
  • Suppose there is further than one source having the same first author, but the following authors are different. In that case, the references are listed on precedence by the first author's name and latterly placed alphabetically by the remaining author/ s credit/ name.
  • In case there are references in which the authors' surnames are the same, but there's a difference in initials. Also, the references are first listed by the first author's surname and chronologically by the first name initials.

 Harvard Citation Style:

 Harvard is principally a general term used to relate the referencing styles grounded on the "author-date" format. It's primarily used in the assignment jotting systems of countries like the UK and Australia. There's a great use of punctuation and other formatting styles like indentation, line distance, etc. Harvard referencing style applies the parenthetical Style of representing and used in different humanities subjects.

  • The reference textbook appears in the following format (,)
  • In the case of in- textbook citation, only the concerned author's surname (the last name) is used; the author's name and publication time aren't separate by a comma (,). For example (Clinton 2003)
  • Please cite that a comma (,) is placed after publication if a runner number is later stressed. (Clinton 2003, p 40)
  • The special privilege of writing down the author's name out of the type is also permitted. E.g Clinton (2003, p 45) observes … … … …. 

MLA Citation Style:

Ultra Modern Language Association of America or MLA style is a representing style meant for academic jotting help in two variety of documents, i.e., MLA Handbook for Pens of Research Papers and MLA citation Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing. Both kinds of exploration document jotting are published with identical information and formatting. MLA style utilizes a subordinate system of representing, and it's primarily used in the subjects of literature and linguistics.

  • It employs a parenthetical system for the author's name and the runner number of the related source. The reference textbook would look like the following ()
  • In the in- textbook citation, the author's surname ( last name) is employed; the author's name and the runner number aren't divided by a comma (,). For case (Clinton 23)
  • If the runner number isn't available, the author's name is also sufficient.

Chicago Citation Style:

The Style of referencing was introduced by the University of Chicago over a hundred times ago. The first interpretation of the Chicago primer was published for the academic assignment help and exploration used in 1981.

There has been an ongoing modification in the primer, and there have been 16 editions published so far. Chicago style citation primarily uses the note system for referencing. The representing Style is primarily used in the field of trades and humanities.

  • A reference is originally handed in notes anteceded by a numerical number, and latterly it's handed again by the document's end within the runner known as reference list or bibliography.
  • The notes format would be the ensuing-the name of the author is written in the citation name as it is; in the bibliography, the last name of the author has stressed first and also the first name (s) or the original (s) of the first name (s) is written. The author's last name and the year of publication are separated with the help of a comma.
  • The quantum of information in each Citation and Referencing may vary.
  • When a source is Cite only the surname of the first author, the information is stressed in the following order-< last name of the author>, (,),.
  • If the same source is cited on alternate or further occasions, the bottom note will look like the following-, < title >.

So, these are the different styles of citation that you need to know and the APA, MLA, and Chicago citation examples. Apart from it, you have the option of taking professional assignment help from

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