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How to Avoid Procrastination When Starting an Assignment

Procrastination is the act of deliberately delaying work, knowing there can be negative consequences. It is like a silent enemy of productivity, affecting people in all areas of life. Procrastination is a psychological phenomenon caused by various variables, such as fear of failure, a lack of enthusiasm, perfectionism, and poor time management abilities.

The battle against procrastination often begins with writing assignments. This can be an incredibly stressful situation, particularly when the deadline is looming. However, learning how to take action on your task can help overcome procrastination and reduce tension.

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8 Easy Steps to Avoid Procrastination

8 Easy Steps to Avoid Procrastination While Starting Assignments

1. Admit That You Are Procrastinating

You may be procrastinating if you have a fear of failure, but here, you need to acknowledge that you are not being productive enough. Thus, you will see improvement in your daily tasks.

2. Choose the Most Enjoyable Part of Your Assignment First

You always need to choose a good, tranquil and comfortable space to do your assignment work. But it is also not advisable for you to do your task in the comfort of your bed. At the same time, you want your assignment writing spot to be somewhere with perfect lighting and enough space to spread out your study materials with a laptop.

You may also want to have 1 or 2 selected study locations that you can use consistently. These locations can also be places where you do not do any other activities like watching TV.

3. Avoid Distractions

Have you ever experienced that the place where you study or want to study is full of other disturbances, such as noise, people's conversations, TV sounds, phone sounds, traffic sounds, etc.? Thus, you always need to find a location where all these types of distractions can be eliminated.

You can always save yourself from being distracted by turning off your mobile phone, TV, windows, etc. Sometimes, you can also listen to any classical music or white sound. These can also calm down your mind and help you to concentrate on your work.

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4. Learn How to Manage Your Time

Excellent time management can be a great option for avoiding procrastination. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time and start the assignment task easily.

  • Set limits to your work stretch,
  • Get enough breaks,
  • Learn rigorizing your tasks,
  • Pre-schedule your deadlines,
  • Boost your productivity,
  • Establish your workplace,
  • Design your own working patterns for more productivity,
  • and use the latest technologies to boost your work output.

5. Take a Short Break

Writing your assignment papers at a stretch for a long time can be both physically and mentally stressful. It can also have negative effects on your assignment quality. So, you need to take a short break once or at regular intervals. Refreshing your mind is very much important in maintaining a perfect work-life balance and boosting your assignment quality.

6. Getting Started

Start your work immediately without any delays. This might seem a bit hard for you, but you can do it easily by stopping emailing, chatting, cleaning, playing games, and feeling bad. Instead of feeling negative about your assignment writing work, you need to sit down with a clear and calm mind and start working on your assignment paper as soon as possible. In this way, you will feel more fulfilled about your assignment writing task. So, boost yourself and get started.

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7. Understanding Your Assignment

You can write your assignment paper well only if you read it thoroughly and understand it well. If you have a thorough understanding of what your assignment subject topic is all about, you will find it easier to write it. Here, you also need to have an obvious idea of the exact requirements of your assignment paper.

Pay attention to the keywords in your guideline, such as explain, compare, contrast, prove, relate, define, etc. These will help you to write the needed information for the target audiences.

8. Set Goals That You Can Reach

Sometimes, the students need more time to work on since the given assignment task seems huge to them for handling. But if you divide your assignment work into smaller parts, it can make your assignment easier. This can be done by making an outline for your term paper.

A timer can also be set for any specific time period for staying focused on your work. Here, you can clear all the distractions by studying for 15-20 minutes and taking a little break for some snacks. Then, you restart your work. Thus, setting smaller goals can help you in accomplishing for being more productive. This can reduce your chronic habit of procrastination.

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How to Restructure Your Assignment? Here are Some Tips!

It involves the following steps:

  • You need to tackle the most enjoying parts of your assignment paper
  • Tackle your time
  • Use the 5 minutes rule
  • Get started 
  • Understand your assignment
  • Set manageable goals

Taking the best parts of the assignment

After receiving your assignment, you can always identify the needed steps to finish your task. By recognizing these steps, you can work on them first. This can aid you to avoid procrastination since you will be more interested in doing the best parts first. For example, if you find any part of the given subject topic interesting you will be are absorbed in doing it first.

Utilizing the 5 minutes rules

This is the toughest part of your assignment and also the first step. It is one of the biggest challenges to overcome procrastination. You can set up your goal in 5 minutes. The “5 minutes rule” will help you to get a momentum to take the very first step and asking your assignment writing work easier.

In this way, you will find your assignment writing work more enjoyable. Here, you can also take short breaks to refresh your mind and again resume your work.

Break your time effectively

Often, we consider our assignment as a big task that needs a lot of time to finish. This view can make your assignment writing task intimidating. But if you break your assignment into smaller parts, you can tackle them more easily. Set a fixed time period to complete each piece of work.

For example, set 4 – 5 hours daily for writing assignments. In this way you will have a good understanding of the needed time to finish the task.

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Understand your assignment very well

It will be easier for you to restructure your assignment by reading   it very well and understand it properly. It is not a very difficult work, but you need to understand it properly it will be easier for you to meet the exact requirements. This can be a very good step in motivating yourself to do the task and avoid procrastination.

If you are not sure about the exact requirements of your assignments, then you need to seek help of your professor. Here, you need to note down the main keywords like explain, compare, contrast, define, relate, prove, etc. In this way, you can provide enough information for your target audiences.

Set easily manageable goals

As stated earlier, writing a long assignment at a stretch can jam your mind and lead to procrastination. Thus, you always try to divide your assignment into smaller chunks to achieve your goals. If you have smaller and well-defined goals, it can make a good assignment writing start. Thus, before starting to write the assignment paper, you need to plan how to break it into an introduction into smaller parts like outline writing, preliminary research, body drafting, revision, conclusion, etc.

Different ways to start your assignment

Following are the good methods to start your assignment:

  • Change your mood before writing
  • Remain positive
  • Always avoid procrastinating during assignment writing
  • Do not worry about draft perfection
  • If you learn methods of writing assignments, you can find to start the assignment in an easier way than before
  • You always need to get started now


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Working in a study group

If you feel less motivated to work alone, you can also study in a group. This is a good way to avoid procrastination or laziness since you will get motivated to see other peers doing their assignment tasks. In this way, you will become more and more responsible for your tasks and meeting deadlines.

Rewarding yourself

You can always overcome procrastination by a series of good habits like working ahead in classes, finishing home work on time, etc. These habits need a lot of discipline and self-control.

You can always reward yourself if you finish any assigned work before the deadline. You can reward yourself by taking a short break, having ice cream or snacks, doing light exercises, etc. These activities will always refresh your mind and give you a lot of positive energy to write the assignments well.

Learn to hold yourself accountable

Know that overcoming and avoiding procrastination is always your sole responsibility. Thus, you always need to hold yourself accountable for avoiding any procrastination while writing your assignments.

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