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Fundamental of Writing an Argumentative Essay

The major focus of argumentative writing tips revolves around the research. Without the study, it is hard to draft the best and ideal argumentative essay. For most students, research is one of the complex steps to complete. It is because students already have the burden of different projects, homework, and other tasks.

Due to it, they are not able to pay attention to one specific work. When it comes to argumentative essays, students have plenty of confusion. It is because they do not know how to format the article, complete the report, etc. As a result, they are not able to fetch good grades in the essay work.

In this blog, we will discuss argumentative essays and tips to write the best argumentative essay. So, read the below-mentioned information to know more.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay is one of the important types of writing which usually professors give to their students. It consists of the issues and supporting evidence. It would be best to mention the arguments and supporting evidence to help the reader figure out why you are considering one specific point.

5 Different Types of Argument Claims

Once you decide what you are arguing and know your thesis statement, consider how you’ll present your argument. There are five types of argument claims that can drive your essay:

1. Fact: whether the statement is true or false.

2. Definition: the dictionary definition of what you’re arguing, plus your interpretation of it.

3. Value: the importance of what you’re arguing.

4. Cause & effect: what causes the problem in your essay and what effects it has.

5. Policy: why the reader should care and what they should do about it after reading.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Easy Steps?

When the professor gives you an argumentative essay, you need to do deep research on the article. Even you cannot take this task lightly or submit the half-done paper. Keep the one thing in your mind that a half-done essay is similar to a half-baked cake.

So, all you need to do is collect the information about each aspect of an argumentative essay. You must know its format, the starting point, or how to wrap the paper. All of these points will help you in drafting the best argumentative essay.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Easy Steps?

Here we will discuss some essential steps that will help you in writing the best argumentative essay.

Step 1. Select the Topic and Draft the Perfect Thesis Statement

Is it possible to start the argumentative essay without knowing its topic? The answer is complete no. So, first of all, your initial focus should be on finding the best essay topic.

When it comes to selecting the topic, you need to give preference to your interested area. Suppose that you are interested in technology; there is nothing wrong with choosing the issue related to technology.

Once you're done with selecting the topic, your next focal area will be drafting the perfect and accurate thesis. With the help of thesis statement, you work on summarizing the main claim of your essay. By reading the view, your readers will get an idea about what will be your essay about?

Step 2. Research for Good Ideas

Without researching the content, what you will write in your argumentative essay? Now, after selecting the topic, you need to devotee quality time to researching the topic. With the help of research, you will draft the best and commendable arguments with supporting evidence.

There are numerous sources of doing the research. You can consider the reference books, take the information from the internet, read the blogs related to your topic, and so on. Try to find out the good and attractive points that are sufficient for grabbing the reader's attention.

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Step 3. Collect all the Facts

Keep the one thing in your mind that a complete and excellent argumentative essay consists of various facts. If you are adding any opinion, you require supportive evidence which proves you right. Additionally, without adding the points, your argumentative essay looks unprofessional.

So, by adding the essay, you will not only give a professional touch to your article but help in fetching good grades. To get the best grades, spend quality time collecting the facts.

Step 4. Formulate an Outline

Structure, or you can say outline is the backbone of any essay. To write the best argumentative essay, you must know its system. With its help, you can easily formulate and make a perfect balance between the division of any information. The typical essay consists of the three major sections that include:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusions

Additionally, you represent your information in the form of bullet points, numberings, and many more. By adding the bullet points, numbers, and other things, you are making the content scanning. Due to it, the reader gets the idea about the main issues, facts and figures that you add in your essay.

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Step 5. Use the Effective Transition in your Essay

While drafting the essay, make sure that your article is linked to each sentence. It means that it has a proper flow of engagement. To make your writing engaging, you can use connectors such as additionally, besides this, etc. With the help of these words, you can enhance the synchronization of your essay.

Make sure that without completing the one point, do not start another point. All you need to justify the previous point completely to illustrate another point.

Step 6. Re-Read your Paper

Once you have done with the argumentative essay, you need to proofread it. The reason is that there are high chances that your paper consists of errors. We all know that mistakes in reports lead to deduction of marks and disgrace on your academic reputation.

So, to avoid such kind of terrible situation, you need to focus on proofreading. With proofreading, you can rectify spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and other errors. If you find any word or sentence to look awkward, you can work on eliminating it. It is one of the last steps but the essential steps.

These are essential tips that you can keep in your mind while writing the perfect essay. Work with accurate patterns to get the best grades.

Quick Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

When it comes to writing your final draft, make sure each tip listed below is acknowledged.

  • Find a topic and make assured it has counterarguments.
  • Gather research/analysis on both sides of the argument to avoid seeming biased.
  • Assured that all the facts are included in your argumentative essay are accurate.
  • Follow guidelines that illustrate how to write an argumentative essay step by step to enhance your appearance on these assignments.
  • Structure the essay correctly with Introduction, Body, and Conclusion if you won't lose marks.
  • Before writing, formulate an outline.
  • Remember to cite the references used and avoid plagiarism.
  • Get other people to study your work to see if your writing persuades them.
  • Do not include your evaluation in work. Stick to key facts and evidence.
  • Run your paper through a grammar checker — just in case.

Once all these specific writing tips have been reviewed and applied, you are one step closer to mastering the art of argumentative essay writing.

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