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A Complete Guide on Writing a Literature Review

Literature writing can be a daunting task for learners especially for those who do not know too much about it. When you are pursuing any degree, you need to write literature review. Initially, as students have plenty of tasks, so they face problem in writing literature review.

It does not mean they cannot write the literature review, but they have inappropriate knowledge about it. The students do not have idea about the definition of literature review, it four objectives, and formats. Due to it, when they get the task literature review writing, they face plenty of confusions.

In this blog, we will discuss about the definition of literature review and how to write it in an effective way. So let’s discuss with literature review.

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What is Literature Review?

A literature review is categorized as the search and evaluation of that literature which is given subject and explains to your readers that you have a profound grasp of your subject and understand where your research fits into and adds to an existing body of agreed knowledge. This document consists of the four main objectives, which are in the following ways.

What are the Four Main Objectives of the Literature Review?

  • The first main object is survey the literature.
  • Work on synthesis the information into the summary
  • Focus on critically analyzing the information
  • Represent the literature in an organized way.

What are the Four Main Objectives of the Literature Review?

With the help of best literature reviews, you can give the information to your readers that what sort of knowledge you have towards the subject.

With the above-mentioned information, you get about literature review. Now, let’s focus on how to write it.

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How to Write the Literature Review in an Effective Way?

To write the perfect literature review, you require in-depth knowledge about the subject. Additionally, with the proper concentration and hard-work, you will be able to write perfect literature review. If you do not know where to start the literature review or where to end, below-mentioned information is fruitful for you.

Here comes the list of some steps which you can consider while writing the literature review. With the help of following information, you will surely able to clear your doubt.

1. Decide On Your Areas Of Research

If you do not know about your research areas, how can you complete and draft your research review. So, it is one of the most important things you need to consider. So, instead of start researching, you need to work on finding the area.

Further, consider only those books which are related to your area. After that you can go for the next step.

2. Find out the Literature

Now you have to focus on conducting the comprehensive bibliographic search of books and articles. Pay attention to their abstracts and search about how they format it. Further, look for the books in the library related to your area. Check and read the books to college quality of information.

As research requires quality of time, you must have specific time-frame. Due to it, you can collect more information without any burden mainly without any time-barrier.

3. Consider the Organization

You cannot deny the fact that organization is required to complete any of the tasks. Here the term organization stands for how effectively you represent the information. Additionally, you need to work on finding those topics, sub-topics, and other things which you make your review complete. So you need to cover the basic categories which include:

  • Introduction

In the introduction part, you need to give small idea about the topic of literature view. Due to it, reader gets the hint about your literature review.

  • Body

Now it is a time to synchronizing the information effectively. You have three option to organize the information that is chronologically, thematically, pr the methodologically.

  • Conclusion

Discuss what you summarized from the above research or what are your reviews about your whole research?  Additionally, keep the one thing in your mind that conclusion is about wrapping up your ideas not about introducing new ideas.

4. Develop the Thesis or Purpose Statement

So, after organizing your whole data and information, you need to work hard on developing the thesis. Keep the one thing in your mind that your thesis statement should be strong enough to grab the attention of readers. There are various kinds of thesis statement.

Search about the thesis statement and make sure that you write perfect one. With the thesis statement, you give accurate idea to your reader about the purpose.

5. Write the Paper

After collecting the information, developing the thesis statement, it is a time to write the paper. To write the literature review, you need to follow the appropriate structure which includes headings and sub-headings. Structure the each section according to the theme.

Additionally, if you face the problem in writing the paper, you can go through the samples. With the samples you get quality of idea about structure and writing format of literature review.

6. Review your Work

Reviewing or proofreading is essential aspect of the work which you cannot skip. After completing the literature review, you need to focus on proofreading. Read the each line of the paper, find the errors, highlight it, and rectify it. Further, you need to work on reviewing with proper concentration.

Additionally, while proofreading if you find any line or sentence awkward then remove it from your paper. Make sure that there is no paragraph in your work which mismatched with your theme.

It is because this will create the barrier in the flow of reading. So after completing the writing, take a break and then start proofreading with fresh brain.

These are some step you need to follow while writing the literature review. After reading all this, if you are unable to write best and flawless literature review paper, it’s time to take professional help.

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