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7 Easy Steps to Write Visual Analysis Essay

Writing the virtual analysis is a cumbersome task for the majority of learners. The rationale is that reading the image and collecting the information about it, other writing requires a lot of concentration. Even if students don't have a good hand in English, they face more problems in this task.

While writing the essay, you need to focus on each aspect of the image that includes design, balance, texture, concept, etc. As students do not have time, they face problems completing this task because it requires quality time.

If you are one of them who think that writing a visual analysis is not a cup of your team, the below-mentioned information is fruitful for you. Before moving to the steps to write a visual analysis essay, let’s get deep knowledge about what is visual analysis essay and then move forward.

Let’s discuss the visual analysis essay:

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What is a Visual Analysis Essay?

A visual analysis essay is one of the essential categories of the article that students need to complete. Students will have to give a deep description of either a particular image or visual display in this academic writing. First of all, students need to work on understanding the image and then describe it.

To complete this task, students will have to work on understanding the basic concepts too. Additionally, here is the list of some common subjects that writers give to their students, which is in the following ways:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Architectural objects and so on.

How to Write the Visual Analysis Essay in 7 Easy Steps?

After reading the information mentioned earlier, you get a little bit of idea about the visual analysis essay. Now let’s focus on writing the best visual analysis essay. Here are some steps which you can keep in your mind while writing this kind of essay.

How to Write the Visual Analysis Essay

1. Look For The Elements

First of all, when you get the image, look for what you observe. When it comes to writing the perfect visual analysis essay, you need to think like an observer. It means do not skip any detail of the image; otherwise, it will cost you a lot.

All you necessitate to do is check each element carefully and note it down carefully. Here are some factors that you can consider that include:

  • Subject
  • Artist
  • Data and provenance
  • Medium
  • Creation technique

2. Look For The Symbols And Their Connections

Now you need to think out of the box or one step ahead besides collecting the elements. It is a time to consider the symbols and check for the connections. You can make the connections by figuring out the picture.

  • Characters
  • Classic painting or an abstract painting

3. Detailed Analysis

The students will have to work on detailing the visual analysis of the image that they get. You need to check for the painting techniques and shapes present in the given exam. It can be:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Colour and so on.

After collecting the information, students have to pay attention to the structure of the visual analysis essay.

4. Introduction

In the introduction, you need to perform a basic idea about the artwork and summarize the information. You can mention the name of the artist, the purpose of the art, and many more. So, keep quality time on the introduction because if your opening is fascinating, the reader will connect with your thoughts.

5. Thesis

The thesis is considered the essential part of any essay. In this portion, mention the points related to analysis on work art that you will explain in the article. Additionally, make sure that your thesis is strong enough to grab the attention of readers.

6. Body paragraph

As it is an essay, so you need to write the body paragraphs. In the body paragraphs, you need to mention in-depth information about the visual image. Give the explanation of each portion of the visual analysis image in the body paragraphs.

7. Conclusion

After understanding the whole image, now you get an idea about what it is about. Once you get the idea you need to mention in the conclusion, wrap up your judgment by adding the image summary.

Usually, students make one common mistake: adding a new aspect or point in the conclusion, which is entirely wrong. So, it is your liability that you do not repeat the error while drafting a visual analysis essay.

So, all these steps will help you in writing the best visual analysis essay. What you need to do is follow each step accurately and get the best grade in your writing.

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What are the Visual Elements in Writing an Analysis Essay?

When you make a mind to write a visual analysis essay, you must know graphic elements. For some of the students, the optical element may be the new term. Here are examples of some visual elements.

  • Composition
  • Elements of design
  • Focal point
  • Colour
  • Line
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Form
  • Value
  • Symbolic elements
  • Size and many more.

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 So, you need to find all those elements in the visual image while writing. By keeping all these points in your mind, you can work on drafting the essay. Apart from it, here is the information about some principles.

  • Movement
  • Pattern
  • Proportion
  • Variety
  • Contrast and many more.

The information mentioned above is profitable for you to write a visual analysis essay. If you still face problems in writing the article, you can seek a professional essay writing service.

Visual Analysis Essay Topics

Find here some of the top visual analysis essay topics, so you can choose the best one for your writing process.

  • \Make a review of your favourite Hollywood production and discuss the visual arts involved.
  • Write about the use of colour and action in the TV commercial.
  • What is the importance of art & culture in our life?
  • Discuss the different types of emotional appeals used in web ads
  • How advertising affects our life?
  • What type of advertising is most effective?
  • How has art changed over the last fifty years?
  • The use of colours in marketing and advertising.

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