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How to Write A PhD Dissertation - Step by Step Guide

Fundamentally speaking, a dissertation is an ultimate project writing by the PhD candidates prior to their obtaining doctoral degree.

What is a PhD Dissertation?

PhD Dissertation comprises the preparation of an elaborate document by a candidate perusing Doctorate on any specific subject. This is executed by writing hundreds of pages on the selected topic step by step and chronologically. This is generally a method of reporting the original research with statistical methods, presenting firm understanding by the Researcher based on his in-depth knowledge, and concepts available by literature survey. This is also achieved by extending the field of study with advanced knowledge. It is needed by the candidate to obtain a master’s degree including a published theory from similar to that program.

How to Write a PhD Dissertation

A PhD Dissertation Research Paper Topics & Contains Data Elements :


  • Business & Administration
  • Economics dissertation 
  • Medicine Research
  • Humanities Research
  • Law Dissertation
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science

Introduction:  In the introduction, you set up your research Dissertation topic, Purpose and relevance and tell the readers what to demand in the rest of the dissertation.

Literature Review: Before you start your research, you should have conducted a Literature Review to gain a through an understanding of the academic work. Like Collecting resources, Critically evaluating, analysis and draw the connections.

Methodology: This is the manual's guidance for future investigators to conduct the actual research in the field or laboratory.

Findings: Compose and present the study's results and outcome either using quantitative/qualitative analysis or tools.

Conclusion: Conclude with what has been achieved.

Bibliography:  Give credits where it’s due.

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Sample List of Dissertation Topics, Examples & Ideas for PhD Students

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Essential Tips For College and University Assignment Writing?

It is commonly observed that dissertation writing comprises of five chapters as stated below:

  • A brief discussion of the full background of the subject of study
  • A detailed literature survey and review supporting the research subject

A Brief Demonstration of the choice Related to the following issues:

  • Research design,
  • Data collection and analysis,
  • Details of the research steps
  • The actual data analyses, as well as
  • Ultimate interpretation and evaluation of your results.
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How to Write a PhD Dissertation?

It has been initiate that although the majority of the candidates begin with great enthusiasm, but this elaborate project activity can make them in despair. Activities of planning, research, and writing are a lengthy one and is a complex challenge ever faced by the Researcher. Although the final result is rewarding, but Researcher must have to overcome several obstacles to reach the ultimate goal.

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The Most Common Problems Students Face When Writing a  PhD Dissertation:

Procrastination: This means the habit of delaying a task or set of tasks. So, whether you delay the task related to your dissertation writing or something else, it is the negative force that prevents you your progress of the planning of what you set out to do. The scholar may think that there is plenty of time to work on the project activity, and they are found to delay the starting point. This is a great problem. The main reason for it is that the students found to be under massive stress as the deadline approaches. Procrastination is found to be the first signs that are needed for academic writing help.

Inadequate research work: Research Students who have not enough experience with academic writing, has a wrong concept that they merely require to collect few relevant resources and provide relevant quotes from different sources, that are found to be not always true. You should review and analyse those materials elaborately and discuss them in the paper way before finalisation.

Poor writing skills: The paper related to dissertation must follow the strict academic rules of writing. Dissertation titles may be chosen and should be reported in the correct form, style, and language; and must ensure to implement the correct citation guidelines.

Step by step writing: Writing a dissertation is an overwhelming challenge. So, we, at offer valuable tips that make the dissertation looks like something doable. dissertation writer will gradually progress in the right direction when you correct guidelines are followed on the ways and means of how to write a dissertation step by step.

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Necessary Steps to be Followed for Writing PhD Dissertation:

Step 1: Project realisation in writing a dissertation, you will gain and will be benefitted with a great deal about the theories and practices related to your field of study. You will obtain broad exposure to the field of your subject to benefit you to start planning related to the execution of your assigned topic of inquiry for your project. You will also gain more value about research ethics and methodologies so that in the next phase you will be ready in all respect in developing your project proposal.

Step 2:  Development of project. Next, you refine and narrow down your choice of topics and begin to develop the detailed format of your dissertation project. In this context, you will also develop a detailed research planning that comprises the theoretical basis for your research work. The queries   you need to answer are:

  • research methodology, and
  • proposed data analyses.

While creating such an elaborate research plan, you will also need to develop much of the content for the beginning chapters of your dissertation. You need to submit your plan for approval to your university faculty to help and prepare you for the subsequent phase of implementing your actual research work.

Step 3: Project execution: This step starts by submitting your study for necessary approval from the IRB, Institutional Review Board. They will review your project writing and make sure that it meets the standards framed for an ethical research study. As soon as you obtain the IRB approval, you begin to collect the data that you need to analyse in the subsequent. In this step, you need to write and synthesize a lot about the content for the remaining chapters of your dissertation document.

Step 4: Project Conclusion. This concludes your data collection and analysis of the results. At the same time, you will finish the final two chapter writing of your dissertation work. In this context, you will make a summary of your findings and correlate your findings back to your discussion works on questions and theories that were discussed by you in earlier chapters.

Step 5: University Approvals. Ultimately on completion of your dissertation document, you will submit your project for final format checking and for approval from your faculty. In every step, there is a key factor that brings success your time management. Every step needs considerable work. The technique in breaking down each step is a remarkable approach, as is diligent makes time schedule every week to continue project work. Moreover, as you progress through the steps of a related project, your hard work will begin to pay back and you will observe that the prospect of earning your PhD is going to become a reality. It is hard work but carries an immense feeling of satisfaction when you reach the goal.

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