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Problems Faced By Students Due To Covid 19 In Australia

The Problems In Education At The Times Of Covid 19

According to the reports, there are many countries that have been affected by school closures due to Covid 19. In Australia, many schools have experienced interruptions and have caused a lot of damage to the education system. Due to the increased number of Covid 19 cases, the authorities have staggered the reopening of schools. The schools will continue to remain closed if the Covid cases keep on rising.

There has been a lot of pressure in the education system because of the current Covid situation. Although Australia has avoided the major impact of the epidemic in comparison to the other countries, it has majorly suffered in the education system. There has been introduced a lot of changes in the education system to continue with the classes so that the students can stay motivated and continue with the lessons.

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The problems Faced By Students Due To Covid 19 In Australia

Due to the covid-19 situation, there are many teachers and parents who have tried to adjust to the new modes of learning. The schools had to implement various alternatives to the traditional model of teaching in a classroom. It is known that problems faced by students due to covid 19 in Australia have handled a lot of challenges and considerable changes in the pandemic situation-

  • Engagement with the teachers has been reduced to one-to-one.
  • There is a difficulty in the engagement level of students as they cannot reach out properly or in time.
  • There is a restricted ability to monitor the progress of individual students.
  • Increased social isolation has reduced the ability to support the well-being of the student.
  • The different levels of access to technology including the Internet and devices which the students need to be well aware of.

The new mode of learning has lead to a lot of complications across the country. There are many schools that have adapted to the changes but there are also students who find it difficult to accommodate the new facilities and make it suitable for them to continue with the lessons in this way.

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Facilities that Provides by AssignmentTask to Students

The government has provided flexibility so that each state and territory can implement their own way of approach to continue with education. The country has launched a range of initiatives to support public schools. A good amount of focus is given to the most important learning areas and subjects to ensure that the students can easily access to getting help from the teaching community. The schools are to be prepared so that the students can utilize the opportunity and do not stand back due to the current pandemic crisis.

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There has been researching work going on where it is believed that the students might require extra support when they get back to school. Social isolation always plays a big part that decreases the mental and social well-being of a student. The schools have prepared materials that the students can access by sitting at home. The students need access to the devices and bandwidth that is necessary for the students to participate. But it has become difficult for the students belonging from disadvantaged backgrounds or at-risk situations.

The lessons can be learned even in these challenging times and there is a lot of positivity that the students can get from that. It has increased parental engagement with the education of the children and they have adjusted with the increased use of technology. There have been prominent changes made to the education system to help the students perform better. All the changes are necessary to be adapted for the students who faced a lot of trouble because of the covid-19 situation. The authorities are trying their best to guide the students and help them complete the courses with good help.

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