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How to Write an Effective Descriptive Writing?

Descriptive writing is a method in which the author uses details to design a picture with their words. This process will give readers with descriptions of people, places, objects, and events through the use of relevant details. To write a good opening for your Descriptive essay, focus on showing your reader a scene, rather than telling them the scene. Avoid arriving on the events as they happened or just the action of a scene. Instead, use obvious detail and strong descriptions to place the reader in a place, an event, a moment, or a memory.

What is Descriptive Writing?

Descriptive Writing features are noted below:

A phenomenal piece of writing should comprise of five specifics elements such as:

  • Sensory Details,
  • Figurative Language
  • Impression,
  • Precise language, and
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How to Write an Effective Descriptive Writing?

Prime keys in writing an effective descriptive writing essay is to develop a scenario amongst your reading audience by application of all five of their senses like:

  • Smell,
  • Sight,
  • Touch,
  • Taste and
  • Sound.

If you are successful, you shall be able to do this. In that case, your essay will gain a huge success. In case you fail to do that then you have to carry out a lot of reworking. The first step is writing a descriptive essay which will prepare the foundation of your essay. To write an effective descriptive writing:

Step 1: Selection of a topic

The essay will normally focus on a specific event, this may be a person, a location or a specific item. When you construct your essay, it is your responsibility to transform your idea about that topic by means of your description of that topic and the way that you keep the interest of your reader.

Your essay should be structured in a manner that contributes your topic to make sense. In case you are to describe an event, you will need to write your paragraphs in chronological order.

Step 2: Create a statement

Creating a statement is a single idea that will be the principal facto of your essay throughout the document. The statement not only states purpose of essay but also regulates the route that information is described in the writing of that essay. This is basically an introductory paragraph that conveys the framework of your topic framework.

Step 3: Since of the essay should be a positive one.

Subsequently, create five columns in XL format. Each column shall have five different senses. This will benefit you to decide your thoughts as described by your topic.

  • The taste, 
  • Sight,
  • Touch,
  • Smell and sound

The above senses can be worked out among the XL sheet columns List out in the columns any sensation or feeling that you associate with the topic that you are writing about. 

Once the columns are laid as above, you can start to fill our them with details that help to support your thesis. Thus, you can have an idea about how to write an effective descriptive essay writing.

Step 4: Create an outline

The subsequent step describing an outline indicating the details described in each paragraph. High school students are asked to write a five-paragraph essay while college students are free to choose the length of their piece.

Step 5: The conclusion

Finally, the conclusion where you have to add a summary of the entire essay. The conclusion also needs to reaffirm your thesis. It should be well written because it is the ultimate goal to be read by your reader and will remain on their mind for a long time.

Step 6: Review your essay

It always advised to take a break from your writing once the writing is completed. By going away from the work for a short moment, you can clear your mind and take a short rest. You can then have a look at the essay with fresh mind and read it in the same way that a person reading it.

Step 7: Finishing

After finishing your essay check the essay very carefully to remove the following mistakes like: grammatical mistake. Punctuation or spelling errors that are obvious for any essay. In case there is any clichés, delete them, they certainly do not belong in your essay.

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

This also a reply what is descriptive writing here are a few tips to upgrade your writing skills of descriptive essay and write it in the correct way:

  • Briefly write an obvious issue.
  • Using attractive and surprising words.
  • Take care of sensory detail description.
  • Use language which is fugitive in nature.
  • Imagine about the person who is carrying out the describing.
  • To become careful to avoid wiry description.
  • Study good examples description of similar topics.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay Introduction?

Introduction attract the reader attention and this would be like a hook and written in such a way that catch the readers’ attention immediately. This also part of a reply of to write a descriptive essay writing.

You need to describe your focused topic after hooking successfully to write a descriptive essay introduction.

  • Insert the function topic 
  • Present your essay and finally

There are three parts of your introduction namely, 

  • Opening statement,
  • Supporting sentences and
  • The thesis statements

How to Write a Descriptive Essay about a Person?

While writing a descriptive type of essay regarding a person, you have to visually show your audience or reader instead of telling the story about the person may not be accepted successfully.The prime issue is to ensure the essay in a structured manner that increases the logic related to the essay pdf.

Descriptive Essay Example Pdf

What is PDF?

Pdf stands for portable document format. It is basically a file format for the purpose of capturing and delivering electronic documents in exactly the format it is generated. Its main advantage is it is portable without any harm of the document as well as its safety and secrecy.

After writing the descriptive essay the following activities can be done:

  • It can create a picture of a person related to the essay
  • It describes place, thing or event 
  • It is based on physical appearance of the object of study

This also covers the following issues:

  • Look
  • Sounds
  • Smell
  • Tastes or feelings

Sensory details that is covered are:

Raw picturization of the author in on imaginary way.

Since descriptive essays carry some details which should not get spoiled during transportation. Thus, is the reason of pdf formatting of the descriptive essays.

Descriptive Essay Topics

The descriptive essay is written in such a way that can describe

  • a person,
  • place, or
  • thing,

Which are executed in a manner so that readers feel its present physically as if it is in front of the, or that they are smelling it. or hear it, Essay writers applies sensory information to describe object.

Descriptive Essay Example About a Place

Every person has some specific place where he or she get far and away from the madding crowd, troubles and worries. Some of the return to their native place and dream about something pleasant experience and release stress from their mind. Some other may visit a place when they meditate – exercise their mind, Thus, feelings can be controlled feelings and emotions from their mind. Similar to meditation feel this practice and benefitted extremely.

This is proven to be helpful for emotional good health. One of the exercises are performed by many people by going to their imaginary place where they feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

Elements of Descriptive Writing

Every student should learn about the format and structure of descriptive essay. Nouns and verbs work of description for you. With nouns, readers will see; with verbs, they will feel.

Descriptive Writing Examples

  • Five sentences react during descriptive Writing as follows:
  • The sense of Sight: The most commonly used when writing descripted topic
  • The elements of descripted writing take care of Hearing, Loud, soft, yell, whisper, angry, and many more. There are other adjectives are also used for sound.
  • Sense of Smell: the ability to Smell another apart from senses that's different for each other.
  • Sense of Touch. The way things feel is more than just texture and temperature.
  • Sense of Taste.

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