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How to Write a Thematic Statement?

Are you facing a problem in writing the thematic statement? Do you know the format of the thematic statement? If not, it means you require a thematic statement writing guide. The term theme statement stands for describing the focal point of the literature.

When it comes to theme statements, writers work on adding uniqueness to their work. Additionally, it is a great way to showcase your creativity in writing. On the other hand, if you do not have an idea of “how to write a thematic statement assignment”, you cannot work on it. So, it is essential to understand the meaning of the thematic statement.

This article will discuss the thematic statement and ways to write it. So, let’s pay attention to the thematic statement.

What does the Thematic Statement Stand For?

The theme statement stands for the general sentence, which is explicated in simple form. While writing the thematic statement, you need to work on the different elements that include characters, specifics, and so on.

When you get the essay writing task, a thematic statement plays an important role. It is because, with the help of a thematic statement, your audience will get an idea about the further content of the essay.

The major purpose of the Thematic Statement:

With the help of a thematic statement, you will get the opportunity to showcase your writing creativity in two major ways. Here is the list of these two different ways.

  • Writing a theme statement means you are providing a summary of interpretation.
  • Useful in deciding the clear and accurate interpretation before commencing the writing.

With the help of the information mentioned above, you will get a little bit of idea about the thematic statement. Now is a time to collect the information about writing a theme statement.

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How to Write a Theme Statement? - Step by Step Guide

For writing the theme statement, you need to work mainly on three major steps that include:

  • Selecting the major topic address of the specific story
  • Figure out the perception of the author on a specific topic
  • With the help of thematic statement template, work on formatting

So, let’s discuss each point accurately and deeply.

  • Select the theme of the story by using topics

Once you are done with your reading, you need to think back to the topic. What you need to do is think about the major character. Have you found any interesting journey in the topic? If answer is yes, you can consider it as its main theme.

  • Consider the theme statement template

Different masses have different perceptions regarding specific topics. When your teacher assigns you the task, you will have to present the thesis statement as per their guidelines. Additionally, here is the list of some points that you need to consider for thematic essay writing.

  • Do not add particular characters or plot points

This thing is only implemented in the case of people and scenarios that are not part of the story.

  • Do not add any advice

Avoid adding the suggestion in your theme statement. It is because you are giving the overview, not the advice. It will put a negative impression on the reader.

  • Do not add quotes

By the theme statement, you are showing your creativity. It does not mean you will add the quotes because these are already published. If you add the quotes, you are not showing creativity.

  • No moral Edict

Keep the one thing in your mind that transforming your theme into a moral edict is not the right way to write a theme statement. Additionally, most of the learners try to mould the main theme of the idea. But make sure that you do not cause this mistake.

  • Capturing the Gist

After reading the topic, you will be able to create images in your mind. All you need to draft the sentence, which consists of the different facets of the stories. Further, you can rectify all these.

  • Say no to absolute statements

If you are unsure about the specific point or statement, do not be absolute. Mention that point in which you are clear and surety that you are not wrong.

So, these are some vital tips that you need to keep in your mind for writing the thematic statement.

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Get Some Thematic Statement Examples Given by Experts

If you still doubt the thematic statement, with the help of the below-mentioned thematic statement examples, you will get an idea about what you need to add to it.

  • “Love teaches you to care more for others.”
  • “Be the way you are and the world will mold.”
  • “Fear is considered as the state of mind.”

Now, you get an idea about what sorts of things you need to add. Additionally, you can also read the thematic statement samples.

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When it comes to writing a thematic statement, you will also have the option of taking professional help. The professional writers will ensure you the quality of work. All you need to do is, mention all of your requirements. After that, the writers understand the requirements and provide the best work.

So, if you think that writing a perfect thematic statement is not a cup of your tea without wasting time, you should focus on taking professional help. You have plenty of options to choose from. But considering the will be the better choice for you.

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So, with the help of the information as mentioned above, you will get an idea about ways of writing the theme statement. You can keep all these points in your mind and begin writing your topic. Right from the examples to professional services, you need to consider each factor.

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