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How to Write a Financial Statement Analysis Report?

Financial statements play a crucial role when it is time to make any investment decision regarding your organization. The process of financial statement analysis is the selection, evaluation, and interpretation of the financial data. With the help of financial statement case study analysis , you can measure the financial performance of past and present of your company.

Are you confused about writing a financial statement analysis assessment report? Do you know the meaning of financial statement analysis? If you are not aware of all these facts, the below-mentioned information is for you that may help you to write your financial statement analysis assignment and report.

In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of financial statement analysis reports and types too.

Let’s start with the meaning of financial statement analysis:

What is the Financial Statement Analysis?

The financial statement analysis is considered essential proves that it revolves around analyzing numerous company financial documents. With the help of this report, individuals take the business decision. The data of financial statement analysis reports vary from company to company.

It's not easy to write a financial analysis report. When it comes to proper financial accounting, you must have a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical components of accountancy. These case study assignments educate students how to apply the accounting principles they learned in college and university.

It is worthy to analyzing the company’s performance with time. The financial statement is divided into various categories, which are in the following ways.

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Types of the Financial Statements

Here come some kinds of the financial statement which will clear your doubt about various aspects:

Balance Sheet

The balance sheets explicate what the organization owns and owes. These balance sheets signify the investment quality, capital adequacy, capitalization structure, and asset performance. Additionally, the balance sheet includes the:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Equity

Shareholder’s Equity

The term equity stands for what the shareholders own. Due to that, it is known as shareholder’s equity. The individual needs to work on whether the company has issued the shares or by purchasing again. He works on a finding by which way companies utilize the capital and generate the returns.

Cash Flow Analysis

The cash flow statement mentions the information about by which way cash is generated and further utilized in the firm. Additionally, the cash flow statement is divided into three categories which are in the following ways:

  • Operating activities
  • Investing activities
  • Financing activities

Income Statement 

The main purpose of creating this statement is to look for the company earning that how much they earned in the specific time period. They draft the quarterly and annual reports. The income statement includes:

  • Operating expenses
  • Depreciation
  • Net income
  • Earnings per share

So, these are some common kinds of financial statements. After reading the information mentioned above, you have the information about the financial statement and its type. Now, it’s time to write or conduct the financial statement analysis report.

You may get a financial statement analysis assignment, case study, project or report from your professor. Where you have to write an analysis report and calculate the company performance. In this case, a financial analysis report assignment ensures that you get the right insights from them.

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How to Write The Financial Statement Analysis without any Stress?

When it comes to analyzing the financial statements, then professionals give the preference to two major methods, which include:

  • Vertical and horizontal analysis
  • Ratio analysis

Let’s discuss both of these kinds intensely:

What is Vertical and Horizontal Analysis?

These are two different techniques that are used for analyzing the financial statement. With the help of these methods, you get the quality of understanding to write financial statements assignment and case study.

  • Vertical Analysis

In the case of vertical analysis, individuals read a single column in the financial statement.

  • Horizontal Analysis

The process of horizontal analysis is all about reading the current financial data compared to the previous reporting periods. It is also named as the trend analysis.

With the information mentioned earlier, you get the idea about vertical analysis and horizontal analysis.

Apart from it, let’s discuss the ratio analysis:

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What is Ratio Analysis?

In the case of ratio analysis, an individual will look for the information in the financial report. The ratio is divided into various categories, which are in the following ways.

  • Profitability Ratio:

These sorts of rations provide the view regarding how profitable the firm is? Various profitable ratios include profitability ratio, gross profit ratio, return-on-equity, and so on.

  • Liquidity Ratio:

It provides information about how liquid a company is. It can recognize the ability of the company to stay in business. The liquidity ratio consists of the cash coverage ratio, current ratio, and many more.

  • Leverage Ratio

It is all about the dependency of the company on the debt. Further, it will be fruitful in maintaining the operations. The leverage ratio is also divided into various categories, including equality ratio, debt service coverage ratio, fixed charge coverage, and many more.

  • Activity Ratio:

Activity ratio is all about by which way or effectively the company utilizing the resources. Various activity ratios consist of accounts payable turnover rate, accounts receivable turnover rate, inventory turnover rate, working capital turnover rate, etc.

After calculating the ratio, you can compare it with the previous period or ratio. Due to it, you will analyze either firm performs better or not.

Apart from it, another concept that is also fruitful for you to understand is financial position. To add an extra value in your financial accouting assignment, this topic will help you.

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What is the Financial Position?

The financial position is considered the public organisation's ability to complete the mission present and in the future. In addition to that, financial position is divided into three major components. Here come the three major components.

  • Liquidity

It is essential to know that either the organization has liquid sources or not.

  • Profitability

Check either the organization's revenue is capable of covering the operating expenses or not.

  • Solvency

It is essential to check whether either company can organise the resources that help in the near team and long-term liabilities.

So these are some essential aspects of a financial position. It is essential to draft the financial analysis report to check the growth and losses which company experiences.

We hope that the students will find this writing guidance on how to write a financial analysis report useful. You should also get suggestions from our experts, researchers, editors and assignment writers on formatting and other areas of the research paper and case study assignments.


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