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MBA Assignment Topics and Writing Guide to Score A+ Grades

Today, MBA is one of the most demanding 2 years full-time regular degree courses for students at all over the world. Several highly reputed colleges, business schools and universities in Australia, UK, USA and others offer MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree courses in various specializations.

Every year a number of students from different parts of the world come to study in various reputed MBA institutes. There are several specializations in MBA like finance, marking, systems HR (human resource), operations, etc.

There are several latest and good topics for university students in all MBA specializations. With the help of this Blog, we will discuss here some of these topics for university assignments for MBA students.

If you are struggling to find the best MBA topics for assignment writing, our online MBA assignment helpers are here to assist you. The MBA assignment experts have prepared a list of research ideas. All you need to do is select the best topics for your MBA assignment writing.

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What are Some Best MBA Assignment Topics on Financial Management?

Comparison of Working Capital Management with Ratio Analysis of Reliance Industries Ltd

1. Analysis of the working capital management of tata motors

2. Project report on Eicher motor working capital management

3. Financial planning for individual investors in the MBA finance project

4. Financial project on liquidity and profitability of Telstra

5. Pension plan comparisons in Australia

6. Financial planning for the salaried employees

7. Analysis and study of the mortgage loans

8. Study, analysis and project on the insurance sector in Australia

9. Tax studies in the tourism industry

10. Tax studies in the FMCG sector

11. Study of ratio analysis and financial statement of any company

12. Wealth management study of employees in any company

13. A project report on the Financial Planning of the employees

14. Corporate-level financial planning

15. Analysis and study of retail banking

16. Impact of the banking system on national finance

MBA Assignment Topics on Marketing Management

1. How has content marketing changed during covid 19 pandemic?

2. What are advantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in online marketing?

3. How are intellectual property rights maintained in Australia?

4. Pros and cons of ads on google and youtube

5. Pros and cons of online education

6. Application of business marketing in social media

Best Assignment Topics on Human Resource Management

1. Views of Equal Employment Opportunity

2. Application of strategic management in HR

3. Application of Mosley’s need model in the corporate sector

4. What is HR auditing?

5. Project on 360-degree analysis

6. Job analysis, jobs, workers

7. HR retention and planning

8. Selection of the human resources

9. Labour markets and recruiting.

10. Selecting the human resources

11. Recruitment and training by the HR department

What are Some Commonest Assignment Topics on Operations Management?

1. Study and analysis of inventory management system in the corporate system

2. “Just In Time Production” study

3. Study, analysis and application of TQM in any company

4. Project Scheduling study in operations management

5. Flexible manufacturing system study

6. Six sigma analysis

7. Planning and implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

8. Study and analysis of manufacturing

9. Study and analysis of project scheduling

10. Risk management study

11. Improvement techniques in manufacturing

12. Corporate implementation of 5s practices

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A Complete Guide to Write MBA Assignments

Writing an MBA assignment very much depends on your MBA specialisation, like marketing, finance, HR, etc. But the basic rule to write a good MBA assignment of any discipline are listed below:

  • Have an excellent idea regarding the MBA topic you are given
  • In an MBA assignment, you are usually given a case study to solve, the case study is about any company, read the given case very carefully before starting to write.
  • Have very sound knowledge about the basic theme of the given topic
  • Working on the central theme for building the essential idea theme building is one of the fundamental steps for writing an MBA assignment paper.
  • Allocate all the sub-points for expressing your idea
  • You need to prove your points by giving more and more examples from the present industrial scenario.
  • Critical analysis ability is one of the main qualities your assessors look for. Thus you need to write the essential analysis part with utmost importance.
  • Try to make your introductory and the concluding part as impressive as possible since it creates the first and final impression on your assignment assessors.

If you follow the steps for writing an MBA assignment as above, you will be able to put an excellent impression on your assessors.

MBA Assignment Writing Format

  • Knowing the topic: you need to have a perfect subjective knowledge of the given topic.
  • Carry out a lot of research and studies: You must do a lot of research before writing the assignments. Write in a to-the-point manner and avoid stuff.
  • Maintain proper deadlines: Maintaining and submitting the assignment papers on time are among the most important factors in assignment grades. If you make late submissions, it might affect your grades.
  • Do proper planning: Proper planning is always needed to write the entire assignment. Always consult with your professors regarding this.
  • Give diagrams: Always try to illustrate your MBA assignment papers with proper graphs, charts and relevant diagrams. This will always add weight to your assignment paper.
  • Do proper editing and proofreading: editing and proofreading are the final yet essential tasks in writing an assignment. You must review your assignment paper multiple times to point out the mistakes and then edit them accordingly. Try to make your assignment paper free of any errors.
  • Avoid plagiarism: This is one of the major flaws in any assignment writing. Never copy or paste from any source. Just get the idea from the source and write in your own words.

Thus, writing the best MBA assignments is not an easy job, it is away advisable for you to avail the best online MBA assignment writing help service provider in this regard.

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