Personal Reflection or Leadership Credo, “What Kind of Leader Do I Want to Be”

What is your leadership credo?

Topic -Leadership Credo
Words – 1400
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The Personal Reflection provides an opportunity to look into a figurative mirror; that mirror may reflect comments and thoughts gleaned from the various leaders that students will have interacted with and interviewed by the end of the course. Students will protect themselves onto that mirror and see what image comes back.

The Personal Reflection will be in two parts:

Part I – Leadership Statement (500 words). Set out a well-formed statement of “what kind of leader do I want to be,” and why? Do not make any reference to the readings or what may have been observed and learned from leaders encountered, inside or outside the course. Just set out very clearly the leader “you hope to become” and why.

Part II – Leadership Reflection (900 words). In this section, share reflections on anything and everything that influenced the formulation of the Leadership Statement. Make reference to comments from leaders encountered during the course, anything read (recommended readings or otherwise), and other experiences with leadership during or prior to the MBA program.



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