Change Management in The Impact of Globalization on the Business – Assignment Answers

Change Management Assignment Answers: Businesses Are Under Dynamic Pressure from Globalisation


Assignment Details:

  • Subject: Administration
  • Number of Words: 5000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


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Businesses and organisations are under dynamic pressure from globalisation, “glocalization”, technology, regulation, and economic shifts. Change management has become an essential component for internal communications. Outline an internal communications strategy for a company or organisation seeking to implement workplace changes. How would you ensure the messages are received as intended and consider how you would evaluate the process? Use examples, case studies and communications theory to illustrate your essay.

  1. Discuss why change management and communication is important.
  2. Outline a strategy that details the most effective way for an organisation to communicate change that affects a range of internal stakeholders. Differentiate between tactics and strategy.
  3. Consider the iceberg model and Lewin’s four steps to planning the communication process. How would you ensure the communication exercise effects change that becomes institutionalised?


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