BA301 Introduction To Finance: Financial Statement Report and Analysis

BA301 Introduction To Finance: Financial Statement Report and Analysis Help By Assignment Task


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 8
  • Course Code: BA301
  • Course Title: introduction to finance
  • Words: 1000
  • University: Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Country: AU



Assignment Questions


Question 1

a)Discuss whether a corporation is the most superior form of organisation compared to other business organisations.

b)Discuss agency relationship and its subsequent agency problems in an organization. Evaluate how an organisation manages its agency problem.

Question 2

Workings, final answer and conclusion must be shown.

a) Ian is looking into an investment that will pay him $12,000 per year for the next ten (10) years. If he requires a 6% return, what amount is the most Ian would pay for this investment?

b) Nancy Perkins borrow $2,000 at 5% and she is going to make annual payments of $734.42. How long before Nancy pays off the loan?

c) McGrath Ltd issues a bond with a $1,000 face value, ten (10) years to maturity and annual coupon of $80. The yield to maturity is 8%, what price would the bond sell for? Describe the insight from this question.

Question 3

a) Financial statements represent the perfect measure of the organization’s financial health. Discuss

b) Analyse and communicate to Crown Resorts Limited, a publicly listed Australian company regarding the systematic and unsystematic risks it faces.