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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Course Code: MGB200
  • Course Title: Managing People
  • Words: 1200
  • University: Queensland University of Technology
  • Country: US



You are to write a report outlining specific recommendations that are rigorous (evidence based) and relevant (practical –implementable) to increasing organizational effectiveness. Specifically, you are to focus on what actions Peter Marshall might take to improve 1) the trust and communication between frontline officers and police national headquarters and 2) the motivation and performance of frontline staff. It is suggested that you use academic references in this component of the task in the form of footnotes.

Your report should contain the following content:-

Brief analysis of the issues in order of importance and identification of issues that you will aim to address (i.e., see paragraph above)-List of specific recommendations including description of the recommendation, how it will ‘fix’ the issue and identification of any barriers to the successful implementation of the recommendations.

Suggested Format of Assignment 2 Introduction (purpose of report) – Just a few lines (1 paragraph is fine) Background (this is where you list, ideally in some order of importance, the issues that NZ Police are facing, and identify which issues you are going to address in your report – similar to the diagnosis that we did in the Org Change lecture.