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BSBPMG515 Implement Project Personnel Training and Development


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Manage Project Human Resources
  • Code: BSBPMG515
  • Words: 2000


Project Assignment:-


These are minimum requirements for major activity.

Major Activit

Objective To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the entire unit.
Activity This is a major activity – your instructor will let you know whether you will complete it during class or in your own time.

Attach your completed answers to the workbook.

You must individually, answer the following questions in full to show your competency of each element:

1. Plan human resources relevant to projects

2. Implement project personnel training and development

3. Lead project team

4. Finalise human resource activities related to project activities


  1. For an upcoming project of your choice, identify what human resources will be needed to meet desired outcomes. Plan how tasks will be delegated, how many workers will be needed for certain tasks, and what skills, abilities and levels of experience are required. Remember, you will need to consider quality and timeframe requirements when planning human resources.
  2. Before starting work on the project from question one, organise and deliver a group training and development session which ensures that all workers are confident and able to do their jobs effectively and safely.
  3. While working on the same project, demonstrate (with a supervisor present) that you can manage all project personnel, in order to hit targets and achieve desired project outcomes. You should be aware of overall team performance, as well as individual performances, when completing this task.
  4. While working on the same project, identify any employees who are struggling to meet the standards you require. Focus your efforts on these employees, using human resource management methods, techniques and tools to track and improve their performance, without losing track of other managerial tasks.


Project title

  • Introduction to your project. • Project deliverables
  • WBS CHART or WBS Dictionary
  • Human resources requirements based on your project tasks and activities (list) in a template, timing etc. (In detail)
  • Qualifications, experience, skills and number of employees in a template (In detail)
  • Detailed role description for two important person required at your project and Add Contract or agreement information


Add explaination around the templates as well.

  • Plan for acquiring these human resources (right candidate/right time)
  • Assign role and responsibility & communication plan for all team members (in detail).
  • List all task/activities and the team member then prepare RACI chart • Based on their tasks/ list all training details for all team members.
  • Provide some sample of how that training (topic of your choice) will be conducted for an example Coaching (GROW), Conversation) , Support training plan, ppt etc.


Add explanation around the templates as well.

  • Performance manage and review template for (one for team and two for individuals (Task/Plan/actual/results/start & end date)
  • Based on your team members performance utilise managing methods options Informal Feedback, Counselling, Appraisals, mentoring program, coaching session, training plan and disciplinary action. ( Apply at least three of these option).
  • Please make sure be aware about the legislative requirements as per FAIR WORK ACT 2009.


Examples Templet:-

WBS DICTIONANY Project manager Budget officer Labor
1) Foundation r x x x


Examples Temple:-

Experience Qualification Skills No.
Project manger


Examples Templet:-

1) Foundation
1.1) Digging
1.2) Survey/approval


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