BSBITU306 Design and Produce Business Documents Assessment 1 Answers

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BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents
Unit Description This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to design and produce various business documents and publications. It includes selecting and using a range of functions on a variety of computer applications.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Select and prepare resources
  • Design document
  • Produce document
  • Finalize document


Activity 1

Four pieces of business equipment are available in an organisation:

® A computer

® A scanner

® A photocopier

® A printer.

Identify which piece or pieces of equipment to use in each situation in the following table: (Identify appropriate technology for production requirements).

Activity 1 Answer

Situation Equipment needed
A hard-copy report needs to be reproduced 10 times.
A hard-copy photograph needs to be put into an e-newsletter.
A proposal needs to be written and 50 copies made.
A hard-copy accounts statement needs to be updated and emailed to an accountant.


Activity 2

Describe what functions and features of Microsoft PowerPoint have made it one of the world’s most used presentation applications.

(Describe functions and features of contemporary computer applications).

Activity 2 Answer


Activity 3

Outline some folder and file naming / saving conventions which may form part of a modern organisation’s data storage policy.

(Outline organisational policies, plans and procedures).

Activity 3 Answer




Activity 4

Barbara works as a personal assistant. Part of her role is to prepare documents for her manager, who is going to make a presentation to all staff next week. He has asked Barbara to develop the presentation, including the presenter notes.

Barbara found the organisation’s style guide for developing presentations and designed the information accordingly. She used consistent design principles throughout the document. She prepared presenter notes and made a hard copy. The presentation included some photographs that Barbara had to scan before she could include them on slides.

Identify how Barbara made sure that the style of her presentation met with the requirements of her organisation and that she used consistent design principles throughout the document.

(List organisational requirements for document design e.g. style guide).

Activity 4 Answer




Activity 5

When proofreading a document, what are some of the things to check? (List organisational requirements for document design e.g. style guide).

Activity 5 Answer




Activity 6 – Provide Portfolio

Submit practice Exercises as a Portfolio of completed work:

® Practice Activity 1 Purpose of documents

® Practice Activity 2 Document format

® Practice Activity 3 Prepare a letter

® Practice Activity 5 Design and produce a document

® Practice Activity 6 set a password for this file

® Practice Activity 7 Printing documents


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