Which statement is true about Conservation versus Preservation?

Which statement is true about Conservation versus Preservation?

A) Conservation does not allow natural resources to be used.

B) Preservation favors hunters.

C) Conservation favors hunters.

D) Preservation allows natural resources to be used.


Correct option is C) Conservation favors hunters.


Conservation can be defined as the controlled use of resources based on physical rules of leadership. Preservation, on the other hand, refers to the act of preserving secure, i.e., leaving things in their original state without any sort of modification. In recent years, maintaining the overall status of the environmental system has become increasingly important all over the world, which is why the concepts of conservation and preservation have evolved as means of accomplishing this goal. With this in mind, the right answer is C, because conservation still allows for human involvement as long as it is done sensitively and is “replaced” or “repaired” later.

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