Today, The Fundamentalist Movement In The Middle East Calls For

Today, The Fundamentalist Movement In The Middle East Calls For

A) A move to freedom and equality for all.

B) Respect for the rights of minority groups.

C) Adherence to Islamic political traditions.

D) An embrace of Western ideas and customs


C. Adherence to Islamic political traditions.


What is the Fundamentalist Movement?

The Middle Eastern Fundamentalist Movement is based on implementing traditional Islamic ideas and practices while resisting Western influence. Muslims think that sticking to Islamic political traditions will ensure that their religious beliefs are consistent with political and social issues. The movement had a huge impact on the Middle East and the rest of the world, paving the path for Islamic political traditions to be strengthened.

The US attacking on Afghanistan fueled the flames, forcing Muslims to come together and start a campaign against anyone who refused to acknowledge their religion and lifestyle. Looking at the different events that forced the movement, it is apparent that adherence to Islamic political traditions has been at the center of it.

This movement acts to preserve Islamic traditions and keep everything in line with religious views. The movement is not limited to a single region of the Middle East. It has existed in many forms across the Middle East, with the same goal of uniting all Muslims in respect to Islamic political traditions. However, the methods utilized to bring them together have been different.

For example, the Taliban in Afghanistan interpreted the Quran and the Hadith to establish strict Islamic states. On the other side, Lebanon’s Hezbollah used political activism to oppose external powers. Regardless of the medium, the basis of the Fundamentalist Movement is adherence to Islamic political traditions.

Fundamentalists share similar ideas and values and regard Islam as a religion that guides people through all parts of life, denying the influence of other religions and politics on people. They also consider Islam as superior to all other religions and regard Western principles as a threat to human existence.

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