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Tackling Global-Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability


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  • Topic: Tackling Global-Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility
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Critically analyse your experiential learning from the module = Experimental learning analysis 1,400-word report, plus appendixes


You will need to:

Draw on the ideas of the Kolb learning cycle to critically analyse your own experiential learning gained within the module

You should include reflection on how your own values and sensemaking of E R S have been affected by your study

Choose 4-5 specific learning triggers from the module to discuss how and why these engaged you. Explain how you plan to behave differently as a result compared with your current practice.

Make sure you support your work by including numbered appendices of relevant completed exercises from the module.



(no more than 150 words in a single paragraph)

introduction (100 words)

analysis (draw from 2-3 authors) definition for ethic, responsibility and responsibility, Kolb learning cycle, experiental learning’. Present learning triggers and (600 words)

reflection (400 words) – skills reflection (eg create your own table / infographic / diagram reflecting on your skills, eg what skills do you recognise / need to develop to deliver sustainability, how has the module helped you develop or recognise these skills?)

Try to use some literature below



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