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The Case Analysis

As a general statement, the case report should fulfill 3 basic requirements, and be structured to respond to those requirements.

Namely, case reports should:

i) Analyze and evaluate the company’s situation– both internally and externally– with regard to the mentioned issues.
ii) Identify all pertinent issues to be addressed by management.
iii) Provide an action plan and a set of recommendations that are as realistic or “do-able” as possible. Carefully explain how the plan and its recommendations will correct the problems and realize goals and opportunities that are identified.

The report should be balanced so that about 65% of the report is given over to identifying pertinent issues and evaluating the company’s situation. About 35% of the report, it follows, should then be devoted to detailing the action plan, the set of recommendations and their implementation. Provide ample examples in the report of strategic thinking. Show clearly how your recommendations create a fit internally among the firm’s activities, and externally against the competition. Also clearly explain how the firm is now better able to take advantage of the opportunities that are present or anticipated in its environment.


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 The case reports will be graded using a three-part structure of the following form:

1.) Stylistics- Does the basic sentence structure enable the reader to understand the points
being made? Are the conventions of written grammar followed?

2.) Structure and balance- Is a convincing, integrated argument developed in the case report? Are the serious issues raised in the case treated with comparable emphasis? Are these issues dealt with in sufficient depth? If not, is there a compelling reason for the lack of balance? Are issues clearly described in the case not mentioned in the report?

3.) Content- Is too much case material repeated? Are the three major requirements for the case report fulfilled? Namely, does the report: (i) identify all of the pertinent issues in the case (ii) evaluate and analyze the company’s situation and (iii) offer an “actionable” set of recommendations that clearly spells out how the described activities will create a sustained competitive advantage and superior performance.

Students are responsible for applying the appropriate concepts and tools mentioned in class and described in the textbook and supplementary readings. However, this material should not overwhelm the case analysis. Base answers heavily on the events and information described in the case. The organization and its context should provide the center of the report.
STEN-8900-20 (Entrepreneurship: New Venture Formation and Management), Winter 2020, Course Outline

Case Analyses Evaluation

The evaluation of the short case reports and the mid-term case test will be guided the criteria and weights below. Please note that each component will receive a letter grade. Overall grades will be derived in the following manner. Letter grades will be converted to their corresponding grade points, and then they will be multiplied by their weights. The weighted components will then be added together.

Form and Style (25%)

For submitted analyses and projects: – Written stylistics
For oral presentations:
– Introduction
– Overall structure
– Quality of verbal communication
– Quality of non-verbal communication
– Presentation aids
– Conclusion

Key Issues (10%)

– Definition of problems/issues/opportunity
Analysis (20%)
– Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
– Ability to build ideas and link analysis and its insights

Evaluation of Feasible Options, Solutions and Final Recommendation (20%)

– Realism and practicality of solutions
– Strategic orientation, focus and decision-making
– Logical tie-in to analysis
– Justification of recommendations

Implementation and Plan of Action (25%)

– Consideration of cost, control, and leadership
– Timeline and analysis or consideration of unforeseen problems/contingencies
– Integration of the prescriptions

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