HLT301 Mental Health Care Assessment Answers

HLT301 Mental Health Disorder – Plan for Safe and Effective Care


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: HLT301
  • Course Title: Mental Health
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 2750
  • University: University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Country: AU


Assessment Task:


Information on the Essay Description, The goal of this task is for students to critically examine a selected mental health disorder and plan for safe and effective care of a person experiencing the disorder. (A) What disorder can I choose? Everyone must choose one of the disorders available here on Blackboard. You can choose from Schizophrenia Perinatal Psychosis or Perinatal Depression Bipolar Disorder Anorexia Nervosa Amphetamine-type Substance Use Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder A case study has been provided for you to place signs and symptoms into context. You do not need to include the case study in your final work.


You will need to critically explore the disorder, paying attention to the prevalence of the disorder and any gender differences. Consider all signs and symptoms and any risks that are associated with the disorder. You will then need to consider what the most effective pathway of care for this person would look like, taking into consideration the setting in which this care and treatment could be provided. Ensure you think about care and treatment using a biopsychosocial approach and consider recovery-orientated care and trauma-informed care principles. Remember the importance of an effective introduction and a conclusion in your essay.


Your introduction needs to set out the purpose of the essay and how you will achieve that. Your conclusion is a summary and should not include any new information. Please note: it is important that you use Australian statistics for this assessment. With regards to presentation requirements, it must adhere to the usual academic standards: use 12-point font (either Arial, Calibri or Time New Roman is acceptable), use double line spacing include page numbers you may use headings to guide your work include a reference list on a new page (B) What am I going to be assessed on? You will be assessed on the quality and clarity of your essay to communicate your findings which will include the depth of your critical exploration of the disorder, associated risks and appraisal of treatment and care.


You will require to use academic sources to support your arguments. You must use academic literature from within the previous 5 years, including your textbook and relevant peer-reviewed journal articles. High-quality government or mental health websites may also be used.