Fin20018 Managerial Finance Assessment Question Answers in Australia

Fin20018 Managerial Finance Assignment Answer Help with Financial Assistance


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Course Code: Fin20018
  • Course Title: Managerial Finance
  • Words: 1200
  • University: Central Queensland University
  • Country: AU


The final Take-Home Exam will be conducted online in the format of Online Test, which will open on Moodle at a set time and date and restricted to completion within a set timeframe. Take-Home Exam (Online Test) will be timetabled as would your invigilated exam. What do you need to do to prepare?

  • ensure you have the required equipment (computer)
  • ensure you have internet access with sufficient bandwidth and reliable signal
  • book your availability for the test date/time
  • arrange a quiet workspace so that you will not have distractions during the test period

You need to get familiarised with the use of the technology and to practice the types of questions that you will encounter in assessment. If you need financial assistance to get the technology to support your learning, look for information on the Student Broadcast messages regarding assistance