Computer Security Assessment Task Detail and Instructions

Assignment Research on Computer Security Report

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Assessment Details:-

  • Topic: Computer security
  • Document Type: Research Paper
  • Subject: Other
  • Number of Words: 3000
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


You are required to conduct research and write a report of type survey, literature review.

In any of the following topics (you need to select only one topic):

Topic A – A survey on security challenges in Internet of Things (IoT) (or Industrial IoT or Internet of Medical Things): issues, threats, and solutions

Topic B – A survey on data privacy and security in Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC): issues, threats, and counter measures

Topic C– A survey on Keyloggers and Screen logger Attacks: issues, threats, and solutions

Topic D– A survey on Botnets: issues, threats, methods, detection, and prevention

Topic E– A survey on Intrusion Detection methods using Machine Learning Techniques.

Topic F– A survey on Malware, Malware Detection and Analysis for Smartphones

Topic G: You can select a case study topic relevant to the Security of Operating Systems or Clouds and conduct research to identify challenges, issues, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and potential exploits as well as to review existing opportunities (like other technologies, e.g. IoT, AI, SDN, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Fog, Edge, 5G,..), approaches, methods, security controls, and countermeasures or to propose a new approach/method to resolve the issue.


You are allowed to select another topic based on your interest, however, you need to get approval from the module leader (through email) before your submission deadline (end of week12) confirming that your proposed topic is acceptable for the assessment of this module.


You are expected to compile a well-constructed, formal written academic report with a minimum of 2,000 words and a maximum of 5000 words (excluding references).


  • Be a formal report, written in the third person and academic writing style
  • Cite (and reflect content from) at least 30 original scientific papers (excluding other survey/literature review papers, and other types of non- academic references like URLs, online articles). It is highly recommended to rely on only high-quality academic references (journals/conferences), but you are still allowed to use other types of
  • Have all figures and tables correctly labelled and referenced
  • Be presented in a structured and meaningful way, with consideration for grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout, including the minimum components:
  • Cover Page to include:
    • Module Title
    • Course Code
    • Your Student ID
    • Date of Submission
  • Provide proper formatting, table of content and table of
  • The structure of your report must include sections for Introduction and For the rest of sections, you can optionally follow common structure for Survey/Review papers. For further guidance refer to the Section “How to write a survey/review report?” within this page.
  • Any supporting diagrams and tables
  • Harvard reference style used correctly
  • An appendix if necessary
  • All figures and tables must have number and title. All figures/tables must be referred/mentioned prior to use in the body of the text. All figures/tables must properly explained/described. For example “Figure7 shows………………………… “
  • The highest mark will be given to students who present their high-quality report in academic style of journal/conference papers and demonstrate novelty and deep scientific critical analysis.
  • Strictly avoid any form of plagiarism / academic misconduct. If detected even (for a small part) will be reported to the Director of Studies with a resulting mark of 0 HE. Use referencing for indirect quotes and paraphrases whenever required (**direct quotes are not allowed for this module**).


Note: a small data protection/security advice Please never share your written work (in writing) with others during the trimester before receiving the final grade for this course. Of course, you can always discuss your work and share your experiences and knowledge verbally (not in writing) with other students.


The student will automatically be awarded a fail if:

  • The report is not submitted within university agreed timescales
  • The content of the report is meaningless in terms of the assignment
  • The work is not the work of the author and is presented as such


At the end of the trimester, you need to submit only a single PDF file containing your report for this assessment element. If required, your report can include a shareable link to your relevant code/technical implementation on GitHub.


How to write a survey/review report?

Here you can find a general guideline on how to write a critical review. Your report is generally expected to have the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Background or Related Work
  • Problem Statement: a section on problems/challenges. Depending on your select topic (A, B, C,…or G) you can discuss this from a very generic scope to a very specific point of view.
  • Provide 1-2 sections introducing principles and background information within the scope of the problem, and the solutions. Specify your project scope, coverage, and the level of details, aims, and objective.
  • The main/core part of your work is going to take place here, this can be optionally structured in one, two, or two+ section/s. This is where you need to discover and read most of the high-quality research papers within your predefined scope of work. You are required to obtain a deep understanding of the current work in the literature which are relevant to your topic. And finally, for each work, you need to write a critical summary (50 to 150 words), explaining the work, the weaknesses, and strengths, as well as comparison and contrasting analysis/discussion against other works in the literature. Also, as part of your work, it matters how you’re going to organize the content and the structure. Categorization or classification of the current works is the key to specify your own specific point of view to the subject where you can explain, evaluate, and discuss the existing works in your topic from your viewpoint (innovation will come here). You also have the opportunity to invent/propose your own taxonomy to redefine, categorize, and organize the current You may need to use tables or draw figures to demonstrate comparisons of the works in different aspects. This/these sections/s generally should cover around 10 to 20 works.
  • Optionally you can have a Discussion section, providing either a general discussion or a discussion emphasizing on some important/challenging/complex aspect of the subject
  • Conclusion and Future Directions
  • References: follow Harvard style, use academic references (good quality conference/journal papers in computer science or cyber security, avoid using poor quality references such as weblogs, YouTube videos, news articles, Facebook posts,


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