BFF5914 Bank Lending Financial Project Analysis Report

BFF5914 Bank Lending Financial Project Analysis Report Question Answers


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : Harvard
  • Course Code: BFF5914
  • Course Title: Bank Lending
  • Words: 1000
  • University: Monash University
  • Country: AU


Context Assume that the firm chosen by you would like to borrow a US$1 million 2- year loan from your bank now. As a lending officer, you are asked to use the Five Cs methods to conduct the analysis and make decisions on the loan application. Aim firm?

(1) Collect the information of the firm, including the financial reports (at least 2 years), bond market information (if needed) and stock market information (if needed) etc.

(2) Apply the methods and do the computations ( e.g. related ratios etc.).

(3) Edit your project and make one decision for Five Cs method.

(4) The final report will include two main parts:

(i) The information collected and

(ii) The computation and analysis.