BFC5130 Case Studies in Banking and Finance Assignment Answer

BFC5130 Case Studies in Banking and Finance – Ant Financial


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Assessment Details:-              

  • Course Code: BFC5130
  • Course Title: Case Studies in Banking and Finance
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 1250
  • University: Monash University
  • Country: AU


Assessment Task:-


Report answering the following:

Why did Ant Financial introduce Ant Forest? Critically evaluate the motives behind undertaking this project (for, e.g. is the motive purely philanthropic? Strategic?

Is it just a “greenwashing” exercise? Is there genuine commitment to CSR and climate change?).

Critically assess how Ant Financial has implemented its Ant Forest project. Can this CSR innovation strengthen the firm’s core competence?

Is the Ant Forest project appealing to the Chinese market alone, or could it be adapted overseas? Are there competitive threats that Ant Financial needs to consider?

How does Ant Forest contribute to Ant Financial’s performance? Consider this from a financial perspective as well as from a Triple Bottom line perspective. Ant Forest is a costly project which needs to be re-examined in light of recent financial losses. Is it reasonable for Ant Financial to carry on with this project? If yes, why and how?