7124LHS Social Media Law And Risk Assessment Task Scenario

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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Course Code: 7124LHS
  • Course Title: Social Media Law and Risk Assessment
  • Words: 1200
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: AU


Demonstrate your knowledge of the key theories used in the course and the three main categories of social media risk (ethical, legal and organisational) to show how you might anticipate, identify and address the risks emerging in each of the five scenarios presented in the course (Position the scenario as if it is occurring directly in your current workplace (or an alternative negotiated with your tutor). ensure you cover the following:

  1. Ethical, legal and organisational risks involved.
  2. Relevant policies, regulations, laws, literature, cases and examples
  3. Relevance of theory and risk analysis
  4. Your recommended course of action for your organisation


Scenarios are based on the topics of each module and should be completed by the end of each module.

  1. An international activist group has started a social media campaign against your organisation over your dealings with a country with a poor human rights record.
  2. You arrive at work at 9am Monday to find an anonymous person has posted this comment on your organisation’s Facebook page in the early hours of Saturday morning: “The CEO of [your main competitor] is a paedophile and is definitely guilty of the charges she is facing in the secret trial in court right now.”
  3. A negative story has appeared in the media about your organisation – based on a confidential report – and you suspect the whistleblower is a recently hired communications officer. Their privacy settings on social media prevent you getting access so you ‘friend’ them on social media to see what they’ve been saying there.

Your new comms specialist has instructed an intern to find the 10 best commercial news.