102042English- The Sound Of Language Assignment Answer

102042English- The Sound of Language phonetics and phonology Assignment

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  • Referencing Styles : APA
  •  Words : 1000
  • Course Code: 102042
  • Course Title: the sound of language
  • University: Western Sydney University
  • Country: AU



Describe what happens to the word-medial consonants in this process, i.e. how the forms in the left-hand column differ from those in the right-hand column and under which conditions.

Review the Consonantal Strength table. What has changed in terms (absolute and relative) Consonantal Strength through this process?

Review the Contact Law. What has changed in terms of the quality of the syllable contact through this process?


Go to https://wals.info/feature/13A#2/19.3/152.8. What do you notice with respect to the distribution of simple vs. complex tone systems vs. languages without tone?

How many Australian languages have tone according to WALS?

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