TMGT1110 Introduction to Tourism Assessment Answers

TMGT1110 – Tournament Capital Center Assessment


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: TMGT1110
  • Course Title: Introduction to Tourism
  • Referencing Styles: Open
  • Words: 9000+
  • University: Thompson Rivers University
  • Country: CA




Thompson Rivers University is housed in Kamloops, BC. This area for a long time has been marketed as the “Tournament Capital Center” and a location for all kinds of sporting activities. Albeit a great place for all things sports, Kamloops offers recreation and entertainment value far beyond those considered for tournaments here. This is your opportunity to look into an event, sport, cultural or recreational opportunity in Kamloops, BC. You will pick something “to do” in Kamloops andwrite1 a page of information on the activity and why it fits well within Kamloops as a tourist destination and product. The Details:

  1. Explore the many things to do in the city of Kamloops and the immediate region (You can use the municipality of Sun Peaks as an expanded concept of Kamloops if you choose). a. The Tourism Kamloops website is a great starting point.
  2. Select one of the activities that a visitor can partake in during a stay or visit to the Kamloops region. You can pick whatever is of interest to you regardless of the season.
  3. Research that activity. Find out:
  • What it is all about?
  • What is included in the experience?
  • What type of person may be interested in it?
  • What makes it a great fit/success(or unique) to Kamloops