MKM805 Strategic Marketing Management Assessment Answers

MKM805 Strategic Decision making in Marketing


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: MKM805
  • Course Title: Strategic Marketing
  • Referencing Styles: MLA
  • Words: 9000+
  • University: Seneca College
  • Country: CA


Assessment Task:-

As you read the case, it will be obvious that the key decision to be made in determining the right pricing level and pricing structure for Virgin Mobile to successfully enter the U.S. market.  To do this, there are a number of analyses (qualitative and quantitative) that are required.   Note that this list includes the minimum expectations for a decision of this magnitude; there may be other analyses (qualitative or quantitative) that you identify as being necessary to develop your recommendation and you should feel free to include them in your business decision deck.

What are Virgin Mobile and Virgin Mobile’s core competencies and competitive advantages?

If you wish, you can include a VRIO analysis in an appendix, but I don’t want to see VRIO in the actual body of your deck. You need to figure out how to include the insight gained from academic concepts like VRIO in your deck without getting the reader bogged down with theory that they may not be familiar with.

How do the existing competitors in this industry make money?

What are the drivers of profitability?

Which drivers of profitability have the biggest impact on profitability?

Is there a financial logic to their pricing approach?