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Assignment Scenario


Following successful completion of your Business qualification you have gained employment in the head office of Interglobal, which is an international hotel chain. Your current job title is HR Administrative Officer but you have been informed that there are opportunities for promotion and travel to the different parts of the world, where Interglobal hotels are located.


Your line manager, Anna Galasso, is frequently absent visiting other parts of the hotel chain and you are required to complete tasks which are left for you on her departure or they are emailed as new tasks arise. Anna monitors your progress by accessing the electronic folder where you put your work. You are keen to do well from the start of the job.


10th May message from Anna

Due to recent staff resignations and hotel expansion in South East Asia we need to recruit new staff, I want you to complete the following tasks


Task 1


  1. In your folder explain the recruitment methods and processes used by This will give you a useful background to the range which can be used by Interglobal.
  2. Prepare a job description and person specification for a specified job relevant to Interglobal.
  3. Produce some guidelines for interviewers to ensure they carry out best practice before, during and after the interview process.


Extension Activities


In order to gain a Merit grade you should:

  • Describe the difference between direct and indirect discrimination


In order to gain a Distinction grade you should:

  • Evaluate the effect of legislation on the recruitment and selection process 1_01 AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1M1, 1D1


15th May, dy Anna has now returned from her trip and is keen to further develop your understanding of HR processes.


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Task 2


Anna asks you to prepare detailed notes which:

  • describe each stage of the seven step process for managing performance
  • explain why standards are necessary for performance management. Anna has specifically requested that you use examples here as this will help you to know how standards can be used.


Extension activities:


In order to gain a Merit grade you should:

  • Explain performance management and the benefits to employees, managers and organisations like Interglobal.


In order to gain a Distinction grade you should:

  • Design an appraisal process including examples of the documentation which will be used.

L02 AC 2.1, 2.2, 2M1, 201


On 30th May you receive the following positive email from Anna

Well done your work is meeting the standards I have set for you. Given the new staff and existing personnel we need to know how to develop these people. I want you to be involved in this work. so please add to your file of detailed notes.


Task 3


  1. Explain the difference between training, coaching, mentoring and counselling.
  2. Describe what is meant by the learning cycle.
  3. Describe a range of psychometric tests and describe how we could use them.


Extension activities:


In order to gain a Merit grade you should:

  • Describe different opportunities which organisations like Interglobal use to develop employees. Anna has specifically asked you to illustrate your notes with examples.
  • In addition, Anna has asked you to choose some different scenarios and explain the support you would give to individuals in these cases.


In order to gain a Distinction grade you should:

  • Evaluate the benefits of training, counselling, mentoring and coaching to individuals and organisations


Anna has called a meeting of the team of staff in the HR department at head office which will take place on June 25th. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure colleagues know how to ensure employee training is effective. Anna has been unexpectedly called away to deal with a personnel issue in a hotel in Paris. You receive an email about work she wishes you to draft for her.


Task 4


1. Prepare a presentation which:

  • explains the key elements of a Learning Organisation.
  • describes the elements of the training cycle.


2. Produce a handout for colleagues at the meeting which explains the characteristics of effective training courses.


In order to gain a Merit grade you should add a further two sections to the handout which:

  • Explain the purpose of a training needs analysis and how this is carried out.
  • Names 3 different training methods and describes their advantages and disadvantages.


In order to gain a Distinction grade you should:

  • Produce the learning objectives for a training course for Receptionists in order to improve their interaction with hotel guests.


Anna has set up a meeting with you on July 15th to assess your progress in the role to date. She has informed you that in the meeting she will focus on your learning styles and time management. You decide to produce a document which will be presented to Anna at the meeting and used to inform the discussions.


Task 5


In the document you should:

  1. identify your preferred learning styles.
  2. assess own time management skills.


In order to gain a Merit grade you should:

  • Set yourself SMART personal and work related goals
  • Produce evidence which shows that you have used techniques to prioritise your own workload


In order to gain a Distinction grade you should:

  • Devise solutions for handling non-productive time wasting activities
  • Produce evidence to show that you have used a range of tools and techniques to develop your own creativity at work. This could include evidence from any of the assignments you have completed for this qualification or from other personal or work activities.


The progress meeting went well. Anna has set two action points for you to complete following the meeting

  1. Describe the behaviours of people who are confident, lacking in confidence and over confident.
  2. Explain the goal setting process and the difference between long-term and short-term goals.


On July 17th Anna received a communication from the staff in a large Interglobal hotel in Athens about issues with workplace welfare. She has decided that this requires a face to face meeting and she has invited you to accompany her on the visit


Task 6


In preparation for the visit you decide to write some detailed notes so you know the steps organisations take to ensure workplace welfare. The notes must:

  1. explain the term workplace welfare
  2. describe the health and safety responsibilities of employers and employees
  3. explain how organisations such as Interglobal can reduce the occurrence of work related stress.


In order to gain a Merit grade you should:

  • Explain each step of the 5-Step Health and Safety Management Procedure. LO6 AC 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 6M1


On September 2nd all staff at Interglobal receive a personal letter from the Directors informing them of planned changes to the business. This will involve the sale of some five star hotels in coastal resorts and the introduction of lower price hotels on motorways in Spain, which will meet the needs of tourists travelling through the country. This type of accommodation is significantly underdeveloped and the Directors feel this is a good business opportunity. The HR department has decided to produce some materials to support staff through this period of change. You have been asked to complete the following tasks and submit drafts to Anna for her approval.


Task 7


  1. Produce a communication for staff which explains why organisation must embrace change.
  2. In a separate document describe the most common reactions to change.


In order to gain a Merit grade you decide to undertake some research which:

  • Explains the Four-Step Change Management Process and how this will help organisations like Interglobal


In order to gain a Distinction grade you should:

  • Assess your own personal reactions to change.


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