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Level 5 Operations Management

Choose a local or international organisation with which you are familiar. All of your answers must be based on this organisation. You must be able to easily obtain the required background information to enable you to respond to the Tasks. In answering the Tasks, you should assume the role of an experienced consultant hired by the Board.

You must provide a one-page summary of background information on your chosen organisation (250 words). This must include:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Size of organisation
  • Main markets where it operates (geographical locations)
  • Examples of products and services
  • Key competitors
  • Main customer segments

In addition to the above, you can include any other information which might be useful for the marker to understand the context of your answers.

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Assignment Task

Task 1

(a) Effective operations strategy requires making sound decisions on five physical factors that include location, capacity, facilities, flow and process. Discuss the importance of each of these five physical factors in realizing your chosen organisation’s strategy.

(b) Assess how quality management could help your organisation to remain competitive.

Task 2

(a) ‘Black Swans’ are events with a huge potential to cause widespread disruption in the supply chain. Though they are impossible to predict, it is certainly possible to mitigate the risks arising from these events by building a resilient supply chain (Lee and Preston, with Green, 2012 cited in Manners-Bell, 2018).

(b) Discuss how the adoption of supply chain risk management (SCRM) might be the best practice to safeguard your chosen organisation against such Black Swan events.

Task 3

Analyse using appropriate theory, for example Kraljic’s 2 x 2 matrix (Kraljic, P. 1983), how your organisation might improve its procurement decision-making and develop more effective purchasing strategy.

Task 4

Discuss whether transportation and warehousing management could play a critical role in realising your organisation’s competitive strategy.

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