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Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes (LOs)


On successful completion of these tasks a student will:

Assessment criteria to achieve


The student can:




Know the sections of the International Safety Management Code (ISM)




outline the content, interpretation and objectives of sections of the International Safety Management Code (ISM)




Understand the




describe the essential parts of a Safety Management System (SMS)

development of a Safety
Management System 2.2 explain the operational significance of the essential parts of a
(SMS) and how the ship Safety Management System (SMS)
and shipping company
will operate their Safety 2.3 describe how an ISM consultant and ship operator would develop
Management System a Safety Management System (SMS)
2.4 explain how a ship and shipping company will operate a Safety
Management System (SMS)



Understand the procedures for conducting International Safety Management Code (ISM) audits and reviews







explain International Safety Management Code (ISM) external



explain International Safety Management Code (ISM) internal


3.3 explain International Safety Management Code (ISM) reviews



Know the International Safety Management Code (ISM) documents, certificates and certificate renewal process







outline the documents and certificates issued under the International Safety Management Code (ISM)


describe the certificate renewal process


Task 1:

The ISM Code has been issued with objectives of improving safety and pollution prevention at sea.

(a) Explain how IMO has elaborated such a code taking into account its attempt to cover all operations of a ship at sea and in ports and;

The Code is expressed in broad terms so that it can have a widespread application. Clearly, different levels of management, whether shore-based or at sea, will require varying levels of knowledge and awareness of the items outlined.

The cornerstone of good safety management is commitment from the top. In matters of safety and environment protection it is the commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation of individuals at all levels that determines the end result.

(b) One after one, describe the sections of the Code covering its objectives, the shipping company objectives and the functional requirements of the Code.


Task 2:

The International Safety Management Code has been built as an international standard for the safe operation of ships. The concept of this standard is to create a safety management system which meets all the requirements of the Code as a minimum.

(a) Taking an example, describe the development, with the help of a specialized consultant, of a company’s Safety Management System (SMS) which ensures, as a minimum, conformity with the requirements of the ISM Code.

(b) Explain and comment how the SMS will operate on a day-to-day basis as well as the periodical internal and external verifications carried out by the company and the flag authorities or somebody else on its behalf.


Task 3:

All management systems are based on internal verifications of functioning while external verifications are mainly for conformity and effective operation of the system.

(a) Explain the process of internal and/or external verifications and how to prepare, conduct and report the internal ISM audit of a company’s safety department or a shipboard management system when explaining the differences between the two concepts of verifications.

(b) In addition, as a consultant performing an internal audit, explain the best method to carry out interviews of managers and crews and how to find objective evidence of fulfilment of requirements.

(c) Describe how a company will review its SMS and then how it will take the opportunity to improve its own safety culture.


Task 4:

(a) Prepare, as an example, the documentation of a Safety Management System.

(b) List and describe all documents pertaining or linked to the SMS while explaining how the document control system is carried out.

(c) Explain what kind of international certificates have to be obtained by the company for itself and for each of its ships and explain in detail the renewal process of each certificate.


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