HLTINF006 Apply Basic Principles and Practices of Infection Prevention

HLTINF006 Apply Basic Principles and Practices of Infection Prevention

Assessment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 2500

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HLTINF006 Assessment Task

Q.1 Other than hand washing, identify three (3) measures which should be taken to ensure hand hygiene and limit transmission of infection.

Q.2 Describe the situations when non-sterile gloves should be used.

Q.3 What should you do if a protective mask becomes wet?

Q4. Identify one (1) surface that is cleaned regularly in patient’s room. Describe the procedure of cleaning and how often/ when it is cleaned.

Q.5 Identify three (3) situations where additional infection control measures may be required to limit infection transmission.

  1. What would your immediate actions be?
  2. Who would you communicate with and what would you say to them?
  3. How would you document this incident?

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Q6. As an Enrolled Nurse, explain why each of the following personal hygiene practices for you are important for helping to prevent infections in patients:

  1. Personal Hygiene (Daily Shower)
  2. Clean Uniform (Daily Laundering)
  3. Not Attending Work When Ill
  4. Cough Etiquette
  5. Hand Care Particularly With Broken Skin

Q7. Describe the following infectious agents.

  1. Parasites
  2. Bacteria
  3. Virus
  4. Fungus

Q8. Explain why each of the following factors increase susceptibility to Infection:

  1. Immune Status
  2. Wounds or Devices
  3. Medications and Comorbidities
  4. Age

Q9. Infections can be transmitted directly (via specific routes) or indirectly (via inanimate objects or vectors). Describe the three (3) modes of infection transmission and one (1) indirect mode of transmission.

Q10. How would you handle and dispose of sharps appropriately?

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Q11. What are the three (3) factors that affect the likelihood of infection occurring from a pathogen?

Q12. Explain each of the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene.

Q13. Using the three (3) hand wash examples below, briefly:

  1. a) Explain when you would use each type of hand hygiene and
  2. b) Describe the difference between the procedures
  3. Hand Washing
  4. Hand Rubbing
  5. Surgical Hand Preparation

Q14. Identify two (2) infectious hazards in the workplace, an associated risk and preferred control measure for each hazard.

Q15. Explain why nurses should wear each of the following three (3) PPE in a health care environment:

  1. Protective Eyewear and Face Shields
  2. Mask
  3. Gowns and Aprons

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Q16 Describe how you would correctly undertake the following tasks:

  1. Techniques and sequencing for applying (donning) full PPE including hand hygiene
  2. Techniques and sequencing for applying (doffing) full PPE including hand hygiene
  3. Preventing contamination while applying, wearing and removing PPE
  4. Safe disposal of PPE after use

Q17. Your patient requires you to administer an lV medication through their IV cannula. Explain the principles of asepsis and describe how you would perform this task using an aseptic non-touch technique

Q18. What is the difference between colonisation, infection and disease?

Q19. In healthcare, some of the equipment used is reusable and requires appropriate reprocessing processes to be performed prior to being safe to use again. Describe the three (3) reprocessing procedures used for reprocessing reusable equipment.

Q20. You were emptying an indwelling catheter (IDC) bag and some urine flicked up into your eyes as you were closing the valve/ tap. At the time, you were wearing gloves however you were not wearing safety eyewear.

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