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Task: Answer Both Questions Below

Question 1

For a country/region (Nigeria), list and critically analyse the factors that will affect water demand over the next 30 years, and assess the current and future resources available to meet the demand. You should cite relevant literature and include both general and specific factors.

For advice, start by reading Chapter 1 of Twort’s Water Supply (available as advised as an ebook from the Construction Information Service)

Question 2

A large reservoir provides the main supply for a town via an open channel. This channel is trapezoidal with dimensions given below. Assuming critical depth at the downstream end, use a direct step method with an appropriate number of steps to determine the minimum level required in the reservoir to provide the flow rate as shown.

Explain your answer as fully (but concisely) as possible.

HINT: Start by calculating the critical depth for your case, according to your student number given in the Table below.


Length of channel = 1220 m

Bed level = 14.5 m above datum

Required flow rate = 2.3 m3/s

Manning’s n for channel = 0.016

Channel slope = horizontal


Student number Bottom width B (m) Side slope s
2129542 1.1 1.0
2126030 1.5 1.4
2174704 1.2 1.2
2192252 1.3 1.4
2161017 1.4 1.6
2175779 1.5 1.8
2166739 1.1 1.8
2135039 1.2 1.6
2176931 1.4 1.5
2190774 1.6 1.3
2181724 1.5 1.1
*2184973 1.1 1.4
2129334 1.2 1.4
Not assigned 1.4 1.2


Learning outcomes:

  • Use advanced tools to assess water demand in a range of environments and time scales
  • Show an advanced understanding of the hydrological cycle, to quantify the flows of water involved
  • critically evaluate surface water using advanced methods to quantify rivers and reservoirs

Reading / References:

Brandt M. et al 7th Ed. 2017 Twort’s Water Supply IWA publ

Hamill L. 3rd Ed. 2011. Understanding Hydraulics, Spon publ.


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