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The assignment brief for the FinTech elective is shown below, together with assignment guidance and assessment criteria. Please read the whole of this briefing before you begin working on your assignment.

Assessment of the FinTech elective is by a single written individual essay of 3,500 words. You may base the assignment on your own organisation or you may choose an organisation with which you are familiar. The case studies, practical application exercises and reflection points exemplified throughout the sessions in Canvas are designed to help prepare you for the assessed assignment. You should complete the assignment after you have worked through the elective materials available in Canvas.

The FinTech elective also invites reflection on previous modules/electives of the MBA. You are encouraged to revisit earlier parts of your MBA that are related to FinTech and to draw upon any relevant additional materials from your MBA.


Assignment brief

The focus of this assignment is on FinTech solutions:

Select three FinTech solutions, such as AI, Cryptocurrency, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) etc.,

A. For each solution, discuss the solution’s merits and its impact on one industry (market vertical) in which it is The chosen market verticals should be different and do not have to be financial.

B. Choose one of the three solutions and critically evaluate the potential for its implementation in your own organisation.

Note: The marks are evenly split 50:50, between Parts A and B.


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