CRKC7045: Tackling Global-Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Assessment Answers

Tackling Global-Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

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CRKC7045 Assessment Brief:

Topic: Tackling Global-Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

Document Type: Coursework

Subject: Business

Deadline:*: As Per Required

Number of Words: 1000

Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard


  1. Pre-course reading:

The following Required Readings can be found in your One List library link at: 19610002701?institute=44UOC_INST&auth=SAML

To access UoC library resources you need to activate your network login. To do this, go to

Enter your UoC student number which was emailed to you soon after your course began. If you experience any difficulty, please email along with your student number and phone number for assistance.


The pre-course readings are:


  1. Illes, K. and Vogell, C., 2018. Corporate values from a personal perspective. Social Responsibility Journal, 14(2), pp.351-367.
  2. Scheyvens, R., Banks, G. and Hughes, E., 2016. The private sector and the SDGs: The need to move beyond ‘business as usual’. Sustainable Development, 24(6), pp.371-382.
  3. Duska, R (2000) ‘Business Ethics: Oxymoron or Good Business?’ Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 10, No. 1, Globalization and the Ethics of Business (January 2000), pp. 111-129.

It is strongly recommended that you complete readings BEFORE commencing the second part of the assessment below:


  1. Pre course written ‘ethical journey’ study:

Please upload your assignment to the RKC module site. If you wish to use person A or Company B for confidential reasons, that will be fine although the work will only be read by the tutor. The work will be used to assess your current good practice and areas for improvement. In addition, the formative assessment will lead into the first exercises in unit 1.

Your task is to construct a narrative (i.e., tell the story) that covers your own ethical journey from first memories to date.

In this piece of work, you should include a written definition of general ethics and business ethics which is applicable to the above. This should be referenced. You also need a brief introduction and conclusion. Start by jotting down relevant names (initials if you prefer), dates and events that stood out for you and develop these into a simple diagram:

You should include experiences that had a negative impact on you as well as those that had a positive impact. The journey narrative can include general as well as business ethical challenges where it was difficult for you to decide what was the right action to take (ethical dilemma). Events should include a description of the background, the nature of the situation itself, how you acted and some reflection on consequences. Link the reflection on consequences to any ethical theory you think appropriate.

This assignment should be a maximum of 1000 words (plus diagrams.)

Use the Marking Matrix below to help you understand how your work will be assessed objectively. For example, how far have you demonstrated your knowledge of business ethics and applied ethical theories to your personal narrative? How far do you use your personal narrative to demonstrate critical analysis of the dilemmas you faced?

General Instructions – Please read carefully

Your paper must have a clear structure and must include:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract (no more than 150 words in a single paragraph)
  • Table of contents (Table of tables/figures if necessary)
  • References – at Master level you must use in-text citations to support your arguments and any work cited must appear in the References list at the end of the work


General Instructions



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