CIDM 6350 Data and Information Management Assignment Answer

CIDM 6350 Data and Information Management Assignment

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  • Referencing Styles : Open
  • Words : 3500
  • Course Code: CIDM 6350
  • Course Title: data and information management
  • University: West Texas A&M University
  • Country: US




Skills needed: given a system description, you’ll need to know how to create conceptual data model by:

1- Identifying the main entities of the system and their attributes

2- Identifying the relationships between the system entities

3- Identifying the cardinality and ordinality of relationships

4- Creating ER diagrams for the system to show how the Entities interact

5- Creating ERDs using Chen and Crow’s foot notations. 6- Using software tool to draw ER diagrams (e.g.

Requirements & Submission:

1. You need to submit One PDF file contains your answer (2 ERD diagrams) and any additional Text you would like to add if you want to explain, clarify, or justify any assumptions you made about entities or relationships that were not included in the system description

2. You must include your name at the top of each page of the pdf (e.g. the header of each page)

3. Submit on WT Class

4. Use or any drawing tool to draw you diagrams (no hand drawing or annotations please).


Your task is to create the best and most efficient ER model for a database to manage and track the usage of a company’s cars using the requirements description below. You need to provide two ER models for the described system, one ERD for a conceptual model using Chen’s notation, and one ERD for logical model using Crow’s Foot notation.

Your ERDs should include

1. The main entities and their attributes, and must show the primary key attribute(s) of each entity

2. All the relationships between the identified entities, and the cardinality, optionality, and the attributes (if the relationship has any) of each relationship.

The deliverable: is one pdf file contains the two ERD diagrams as follows:

a) The conceptual level ERD using Chen’s notation showing the entities and their attributes, and the relationships and their cardinalities, attributes, and optionality (ordinality)

b) The logical level ERD using Crow’s Foot notation should include the entities, their attributes, the PKs, the mapped FK sand relationships and their cardinalities, attributes, and optionality. All Many-to-Many relationships (if there is any) should be mapped into a new table (associative entity) and the attributes, the FKs and the PK of the associative entity must be included in the new table.

c) Add any text you would like to include to justify or explain any assumptions you made about entities not mentioned in the system description. Car management and usage tracking database system:

A company wants to build a database system that manages and track the usage and maintenance of a fleet of cars it owns. Each car has a unique Id number, VIN, make, mode, year, and license plate number. The company keeps record of important dates related to each car, like registration and insurance renewal dates and regular maintenance date.

Each car may or may not have maintenance records, and each maintenance record should include the type of maintenance (regular, casual, emergency, etc. ), the date, the location, the cost of the maintenance, and the employee who approves it.

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