CHC52015 Diploma of Community Service Assessment Answers

CHC52015 Diploma of Community Service Assessment Task


Units of Competency

CHCCCS007- Develop and implement service programs

CHCCOM003- Develop workplace communication strategies

CHCDEV002- Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services

CHCDIV003- Manage and promote diversity

CHCLEG003- Manage legal and ethical compliance

CHCMGT005- Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes

CHCPRP003- Reflect on and improve own professional practice

HLTWHS004- Manage work health and safety


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HLTWHS004 – Manage work health and safety

Conduct the following consultative activities with at least two supervisors OR two facilitators at workplace & obtain their feedback:


  1. Information session about workplace policies and procedures, including demonstration of personal protective equipment (PPE) where required for the job role.
  2. Consultative discussion regarding outcomes of a workplace risk assessment, including risk controls and measures developed as part of the risk assessment process.


CHCMGT005 – Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes

Discuss with the supervisor on how you will facilitate structured debriefing following an incident involving stress and identified colleagues requiring additional support and referred in accordance with organization guidelines. You must obtain feedback on this.


CHCCOM003 – Develop workplace communication strategies

Prepare 5 min presentation about use of digital media to provide information and promote organization to clients.


  • Presentation should be given to group of at least 3 people (can be your classmates)
  • Must use presentation (Handouts, PowerPoint Slides etc.)
  • Attach copy of presentation along with this diary.
  • You must obtain feedback from audience
  • You must write self-evaluation report


CHCDIV003 – Manage and promote diversity

1. Research diversity at your work placement facility in terms of current performance and meeting of diversity objectives and explain Also, discuss how the following strategies can be used to foster and promote diversity in work practices in that workplace environment:

  • coaching and mentoring
  • communication
  • work planning


2. Discuss how you worked with the supervisor at work placement facility to contribute to the development of workplace diversity policies and procedures. Write a 200-word report about this.


CHCCCS007 – Develop and implement service programs

  1. Develop a service program for your organisation (work placement facility) which includes at least three different customer-focussed services. Make sure you include clear strategies, methods, staff roles and responsibilities, and monitoring/evaluation methods in the plan. Document your plan clearly using organisational templates and following all relevant policies and procedures.


  1. Implement the service plan that you created in question one. Oversee all tasks and services, and make sure that all activities are carried out in strict accordance with the Make sure customers have their needs and requirements met, and that customer service is prioritised in all interactions.


  1. Evaluate the service program you implemented in the previous question and identify at least three strengths and three weaknesses. Take action to revise the plan, in order to capitalise on strengths and improve weaknesses.


CHCMGT005 – Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes

Discuss how you provided/ will provide ongoing support to at least 2 different workers to address and monitor stress and emotional wellbeing. Write 150 words for each.


CHCLEG003 – Manage legal and ethical compliance

Develop a strategic response to at least 3 different situations where legal or ethical requirements have been breached.


CHCPRP003 – Reflect on and improve own professional practice

Based on your experience during these 100 hours of work placement, fill out the table below mentioning your learning objective:




Learning objective (i.e. what

do you want to learn?)

Why is this learning objective important

to your context of practice?

Learning (CPD) activities Hours Dates


How did the CPD activity you completed contribute to your practice?


Reflective Writing

In 100-150 words share your experience about this work placement. Please write down in space below.


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