CDF 290 Legal Aspects Of Cybersecurity: Case Study on Legal Issues

CDF 290 Legal Aspects Of Cybersecurity: Legal Issues Case Study Answer


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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : APA
  • Course Code: CDF 290
  • Course Title: legal aspects of cybersecurity
  • Words: 1000
  • University: Stevenson University
  • Country: US


Based on the sample legal abstract (attached) Use the sample as your template. Make sure that your case or controversy is current — within the last 6 months — because older cases or controversies are often misleading or not relevant because of subsequent legal developments. Cases can be overturned; statutes or regulations can be amended or repealed. The abstract is a summary of the author’s article in the words of the student. Abstracts submitted containing the original article’s text in full or part will not receive full credit. Your abstract should reflect a summary in your own words of the material in the article you are discussing. Abstract topics should address current legal issues, controversies, cases or developments affecting cybersecurity law as we examine it in this course. For further guidance on topics, consider the subjects covered in each of the class modules. Articles may be chosen from technical journals or websites, legal journals or websites, or general news or information sites. To restate, the timeliness of your selected case, controversy or issue is crucial, because an article about a case that has subsequently been overturned or a law that has been amended or repealed not only does not keep you properly informed on current legal issues, it may actually provide incorrect information that can negatively impact your decision making when analyzing potential legal issues. Each abstract must contain the following headings: Article title Author Publication Publication date URL.